ContiTech’s Power Transmission Group has introduced its elastic Multi-V Belt that enables non-positive power transmission of torque in belt drives without a tensioning pulley. This belt from ContiTech is claimed to maintain tension throughout its lifetime, and can be used to drive components including the alternator, fan, water pump, air-conditioning compressor and power steering. These multi V belts meet the demanding requirements of modern engines.

ContiTech Develops Elastic Multi-V Belts

The ContiTech Multi-V Belt is made up of three main components – cover coat, tension member and rib coating. The upper cover coat features a textured reverse consisting of synthetic rubber which is especially wear-resistant. The most important part of the ContiTech elastic Multi-V Belt is the tension member, which is made of elastic polyamide fibres unlike normal multi V-belts. This guarantees that the belt runs neutrally, ContiTech noted. The belt also has a special coating on the ribs which guarantees good noise properties and an ideal grip even when the drive is slightly misaligned.

Adrian Rothschild, Product Manager, ContiTech said elastic and classic multi V-belts are not interchangeable, and it is essential that a vehicle with a factory-fitted elastic belt is replaced with another elastic belt. He added that normal multi V-belts do not work in these vehicles because of their different construction.

ContiTech also has special tools to ensure damage-free fitting of the Multi-V Belts. The company said that since these belts are subject to constant movements and various factors such as dust, dirt and temperature differences, they are recommended to be changed after 120,000 km.


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