• Scratch-resistant surfaces make commercial vehicles more comfortable and economical
  • Continental Air Spring Leveling System: valve function integrated
  • Today’s hose lines: lighter and more heat resistant
  • Tomorrow’s hose lines: solutions for waste heat recovery and dual fuel
  • CONTI® HEAVY DUTY POWER: drive belts last up to 500,000 km

Scratch-resistant surface materials for the driver’s cab interior, oil and coolant hoses for high-temperature applications, a drive belt that lasts 500,000 km, and the new Continental Air Spring Leveling System are some of the highlights that ContiTech will present during IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 at the Continental booth in Hall 17, Stand A06.


Scratch-resistant materials make commercial vehicles more comfortable

ContiTech company Benecke-Kaliko, one of the world’s leading producers of surface materials for passenger car interiors, is expanding into commercial vehicles. All commercial vehicle activity – from light transporters to heavy trucks – is combined into a single segment. At the IAA, the spotlight is on the especially scratch-resistant materials TEPEO 2® Protect and DecoJect™, amongst other products. Commercial vehicles and buses are often exposed to harsh operating conditions. In order for the surfaces in the cab to look their best, even after a long period of time, the ContiTech company Benecke-Kaliko has developed materials that have a very special feature: They elude sharp objects, generally making scratches a thing of the past. The scratch resistance of the surface material TEPEO 2® Protect is based on a polymer material developed just for this purpose. It is additionally sealed with an extremely friction-resistant polyurethane varnish. This wards off the danger of damage from frequent cleaning with normal cleaning agents.

The second scratch-resistant material is called DecoJect™. Compared to painted injection-molded parts, it is a cost-efficient alternative and a real upgrade to the interior. The change in decor is very easy and many variable and diverse designs are available. The gloss level can be adjusted with the foil to match the interior; there are no limits when it comes to decorative prints and effect coatings.

Continental Air Spring Leveling System: valve function integrated

In the future, the new Continental Air Spring Leveling System (CALS) from ContiTech will integrate the valve function for ventilation directly on the air spring board, as well as the pressure and ultrasonic height sensor. The wear-free and extremely precise ultrasonic height sensor implanted in the module will replace the mechanical height sensor, with rods prone to failure, which is currently predominant. The CALS allows significant weight savings of more than 3.5 kg on a truck with a trailing axle, and offers the vehicle manufacturer a plug-play module for more straightforward logistics processing and more efficient assembly on conveyor belts.

ContiTech-lightweight-generation-of-oil-and-coolant-hoses-300x190Today’s hose lines: lighter and more heat resistant 

Weight and thus also fuel savings is still one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers of modern trucks. With the newest generation of oil and coolant hoses for high-temperature applications, aluminum-tube air conditioning hose lines as well as a polyamide tube-hose combination for low pressure applications, ContiTech provides products that help manufacturers master these challenges.

The new generation of lightweight oil and coolant hoses is primarily used in the engine peripherals – for turbocharger cooling and lubrication, engine cooling or exhaust gas recirculation. Previously where steel braided or Teflon hoses where applied, ContiTech now uses very lightweight rubber hoses that have been adapted to the increasing temperatures in the engine environment. The coolant hoses are designed for temperatures up to 190 °C, for a short time even up to 210 °C, while the oil hoses manage with a continuous temperature exposure of up to 230 °C, even up to 250 °C for a short time. In addition, these particularly media-resistant hoses are more flexible than previous hoses, enabling various hose installations through pre-forming, if necessary.

When it comes to air conditioning lines, ContiTech presents the reliable air conditioning hose, which in combination with aluminum tube elbows, provides a weight-saving hose line. The polyamide tube-hose combination developed by ContiTech for low pressure applications in the constantly growing PA product portfolio also follows the trend towards weight and cost savings. ContiTech profits here from the process competence that the Fluid Technology business unit has appropriated in the area of synthetic material production.

Tomorrow’s hose lines: waste heat recovery and dual fuel are the topics of tomorrow

A topic for the future, which ContiTech is already paying attention to today is the recovery of exhaust heat, called waste heat recovery. This involves using the exhaust heat to heat an additional medium and feeding the resulting gas into the engine to assist the motor and thereby optimize fuel consumption. ContiTech is already developing hose lines especially for this application.

Dual fuel, the combined injection of gas and diesel fuels, is another topic for the future that ContiTech is currently working on. The newest generation of fuel hoses provides the ideal basis for this and can be developed further in this direction. The new elastomer fuel lines from ContiTech have been adapted to the increasing pressures and temperatures of truck engine compartments as well. They are currently stable up to an operating pressure of 35 bar and temperatures of up to 135 °C and an increase of these parameters is currently being tested at ContiTech.

The emerging trend, primarily in Europe and North America, of also using alternative fuels in trucks is supported by ContiTech with hose tubes for gases like CNG and LNG. So when it comes to lines for all media flow types in trucks, truck manufacturers are optimally equipped with solutions from ContiTech for current and future challenges in the industry.

ContiTech-CONTI-HEAVY-DUTY-POWER-300x183Longer-lasting, more environmentally friendly drive belts

The ContiTech Power Transmission Group has expanded its line for commercial vehicles with a new V-ribbed belt. The CONTI® HEAVY DUTY POWER is designed for driving ancillary equipment and it makes commercial vehicles more reliable and environmentally friendly, while offering customers direct added value. CONTI®HEAVY DUTY POWER enables a service life of more than 500,000 km in heavy-duty applications. A modern combination of materials makes the belt especially flexible, thus ensuring trouble-free operation of the belt drive – even under extreme conditions, such as when dust or stones enter the drive.

In a market where a long service life plays an important role, the reliability of the belt is a key factor. The long service life minimizes maintenance costs and therefore the amount of idle time a vehicle spends in the garage. Compared with standard belts, the new belt can also reduce power loss in the belt drive system by up to ten percent. This in turn leads to a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Thus, CONTI® HEAVY DUTY POWER helps the commercial vehicle industry comply with the ever more stringent requirements for lower emissions.


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