Continental, the technology company and manufacturer of premium tires, is bringing its range of Generation 6 tires for passenger vehicles to India. The UltraContact UC6 and ComfortContact CC6 range of tires are designed to cope with challenging road conditions found across the country.

Continental Tires has developed the Generation 6 products by conducting extensive tests to deliver the premium product quality that the company represents. UltraContact UC6 and ComfortContact CC6 have been designed based on an in-depth understanding of the needs and driving habits of the Indian consumer. Both the range of tires are aimed to provide higher safety, low noise levels, higher mileage, robust sidewalls, improved fuel efficiency, and greater comfort.

Claude d’Gama Rose, Head of Tires Business, Continental India, speaking on the product, said, “Continental has a rich legacy as a premium tire manufacturer. Our flagship range, the UltraContact UC6, and the ComfortContact CC6 are trusted by our customers worldwide for its high performance, safety, better mileage, and comfort features. With the entry of Generation 6 tires in India, our offering in the passenger vehicle segment is well established. It gives our customers the choice to upgrade to the premium product in the market”.

The tires will be produced at Continental’s Modipuram plant. Adding his views on Continental’s localization strategy, Claude d’Gama Rose said, “We have a strong focus for localization of our products in India. Our philosophy “in the market, for the market”, complements the entire manufacturing value chain, enabling us to bring German technology for the local market”.

UltraContact UC6, Excellence without Compromise

UC6 is perfect for consumers looking for the “easy” choice, who want assured quality in every aspect. It is specially designed for full control on wet roads and extreme short braking distances in both wet as well as dry road conditions. All this without compromising on comfort, noise level, mileage, or fuel-efficiency.

Higher safety on wet roads

For added safety, aqua channel surface sipes quickly direct the water film from the tread pattern as they contact the road. On wet roads, the center of the tire is at the highest risk of aquaplaning. To curtail this risk, a specially developed aqua drainage elements are positioned to drain water into the tread grooves quickly.

Extreme short braking distances in dry and wet conditions

The chamfered angle of the Diamond Edge in the pattern maximizes the contact area of the pattern to distribute the braking forces more evenly while braking. Without this chamfer, the tread block distorts and loses some of its contact with the road. In wet conditions, the Diamond Edge acts as a wiper that clears the water film away from the tread blocks for short braking distances.

Adaptive superb grip level and long mileage

The new adaptive Diamond Blend Compound consists of two polymer types. The short grip-polymers are activated when the vehicle is driving through corners or while braking. This energy is transformed into heat to enable high grip and short braking distances. The long mileage-polymers are entangled and, therefore, strongly connected, which ensures a high mileage performance.

The UC6 tires are available for rims with diameters from 14 to 17 inches, covering a wide range of larger passenger car vehicle models.

ComfortContact CC6

The CC6 tire provides superior low noise level, higher comfort, and lower rolling resistance helps in achieving optimal fuel efficiency. The tire also offers better tread-life due to secure, interlocking molecular connections that resist wearing, thus improving mileage significantly compared to the previous generation of ComfortContact range.  The CC6 tires are available for rims with diameters of 13 to 15 inches.

To achieve a superior low noise level, Continental CC6 operates on three revolutionary technologies – Harmonic Comfort Chambers, 0 dB-Eaters, and Whisper Compound.




Lower noise, more comfortable frequencies

The Harmonic Comfort Chambers are specially designed noise-canceling chambers positioned on the inner shoulder of the tire pattern. Unpleasant noise generated between the road and tire is effectively canceled out as airwaves migrate in and out of the chambers. This prevents noise emission towards passengers, resulting in a quieter ride.

0 dB-Eaters are designed to split and diffuse noise waves for lower road noise. To ensure a quieter ride, they break up noise waves traveling in the tread grooves to reduce the sound-level measured in decibels (dB).

Smooth, relaxed ride

The CC6 Whisper Compound is a smoother rolling tread compound that adapts better to the roughness of the road surface for superior comfort. The compound absorbs tire vibrations to diffuse road noise. It dampens micro bumps on the road, offering a smoother driving experience.

Higher mileage

Better tread-life due to durable, locking molecular connections that resist wearing – polymers are bonded with a strong, lasting sulphur network.


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