Continental Tires, one of the leading manufacturers of premium tyres, held an exclusive Track Day in Chennai, showcasing its latest developments in tire engineering, safety, and performance. The event allowed participants to try out its newly launched Cross Contact H/T, and see its Intelligent Tyres for trucks and buses in action instead of a mere demonstration of its product range.

Cross Contact H/T. The CrossContact H/T (H/T = Highway/Terrain), launched in India in 2023, the tire is developed with a particularly robust and durable design, tailored to the market’s needs of driving on and off-road (80% on and 20% off-road). This tire comes with a special verification indicator. The multi-purpose tread offers significantly high mileage, comfort, and safety. Crafted with precision at the Modipuram plant, the CrossContact H/T is tailor-made for Indian roads. Its versatile range caters to various rim sizes from 15 inches to 18 inches in diameter ensuring the perfect fit for all passenger vehicles under the SUV segment, which is on the rises in India. As more people look at passenger vehicles that are suitable for daily life as well as off-road capabilities, the demand for tyres like CrossContact H/T is on the rise.

Samir Gupta, Managing Director, Continental Tires India, and Head of Central Region BA RE APAC said " Continental Track Day was one of first events that provided an experiential of ours products – particularly the newly launched CrossContact (H/T) for passenger vehicles, and Intelligent Tyres for Commercial Vehicles. The response for our products has been great, and is in line with our expansion strategy for India.

The new CrossContact H/T is designed with a multi-purpose tread pattern to handle the daily challenges of a passenger car, crossover, and SUV tire just as well as a product developed for use on asphalt. Some of its features include:

● The tread, rubber compound, and structure are designed to be robust enough to handle rides on
mild off-road terrain easily.
● Grip Teeth: Small protrusions in the tread grooves that provide additional grip when driving on
loose stones and uneven tracks, especially on non-asphalt tracks
● Strong tire shoulders to prevent damage from stones and scree.
● A special tread that ensures low rolling noise, which means a high comfort ride.
● This tyre comes with a special verification indicator.
Intelligent Tyres: Continental also showcased its new range of Intelligent Tyres – a part of Conti360 Digital Solutions. These Digital Solutions are an end-to-end completely automated offering with sensors that enable 24×7 monitoring of tyres on the road where customers can monitor tyre of the fleet remotely and in real-time to avoid any type of downtime. The data helps improve tyre status visibility, in turn increasing vehicle road safety and reducing tyre-related maintenance costs.

Continental’s I-tyres are equipped with sensors and are designed for tubeless tyres to enhance safety on Indian roads. Some of its benefits includes:

● Increasing tyre mileage
● Optimized the fuel consumption in the fleet
● Sensors monitor the tyre performance on roads and send alerts in case of punctures or loss of air
● Once the vehicle comes back to the yard, the yard reader station collects data from sensors and
transmit this data to fleet team/fleet owner
● ContiConnect can also be integrated with GPS which allows monitoring fleet tyre performance
and receive alerts. As a result of ContiConnect helps the end consumer with
○ Reduced fuel spend
○ Increased tyre mileage
○ Increase vehicle safety
Continental Tires prioritizes safety through cutting-edge technology, robust design, and rigorous testing for unparalleled road security. Continental Tires has been using technology to develop innovative, durable, and secure products for the road transport industry.


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