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Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd., a lifestyle start-up, formed in 2015, to re-introduce to today’s consumers the rich heritage and legacy of classic brands in a new avatar, has unveiled the new engine for the soon-to- be-launched JAWA Motorcycles in India. Classic Legends aims to become India’s first true lifestyle company and provide opportunities to consumers to relive the heritage of classic brands by co-creating exciting product and service offerings along with the motorcycling ecosystem. The company was formed by three industry stalwarts, Anand Mahindra, Anupam Thareja and Boman Irani, who have come together to launch products that capture the brand DNA and ethos, of these iconic brands.

The brand Jawa motorcycles will be launched first in India while other brands will come later. Classic Legends would leverage the best of its partner capabilities in design and engineering along with the global expertise, to design and launch products that capture the DNA and ethos, of the JAWA.

The company will bring to consumers a totally immersive approach to experiencing motorcycles and the associated lifestyle with it. The longer-term roadmap of Classic Legends would be to open an entire ecosystem of lifestyle experiences which are exciting and immersive for consumers. The brand will unveil a new chapter in the world of classic motorcycling which will create renewed fervour for retro-classics.

The new JAWA engine is a befitting testament to the old one. It packs 27 bhp and 28 Nm of torque with a generous mid-range and a flat torque curve for an unwavering, consistently powered ride. The brief we took upon ourselves was always to build an engine that had the Jawa DNA,” a company release said.

Working closely with one of the world’s leading engine specialist at the technical centre in Varese, Italy, not only did we build an engine with a near flat torque curve and generous mid-range, but also a motor strong enough to last a lifetime. Piece by piece bringing together Classic and Sporty all in one. However it was not just the aesthetics and power delivery we tried to engineer. The unique exhaust note of the old JAWA was something that we were in love with and we wanted our engine to have a unique sound, given that replicating the tone of a classic 2-stroke on a modern day 4-stroke would be a big challenge. A maverick team of sound engineers in Italy worked extensively with us through countless cycles of harmonic pipe combinations and multiple other permutations to discover a sound that was worthy of the new JAWA,” the release added.

While the engine needed to be built with a reminiscent sameness it needed to be an engine of the future. Hence, the engine has been built on a BS-VI ready platform. From the tuning of the fuel injection to the gearbox that completes the powertrain, one will get from this engine, what one seeks in a classic.

JAWA is a motorcycle brand from Czechoslovakia, with a 90-year legacy, which in its heydays exported classic, well engineered and rugged motorcycles to more than 120 countries. It entered India in the early 1960’s. The twin aspects of JAWA motorcycles – its beautiful design and strong performance character – helped it not only to win hearts but also win many world titles.


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