To understand the latest technologies, trends and challenges, various aspects of industrial automation & robotics and process control in manufacturing to drive operational excellence and productivity improvements, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) – Southern Region, is organising a 3-day event on Robotics & Automation.

The conference and exhibition will help connect the participants to key technology players in the sector and the robots / automation manufacturers/solution providers can explore possibilities of meeting the decision makers to create new business models.

For economic growth of any country, a strong manufacturing industry coupled with maximum productivity is a must, which not only provides a boost to economic development but also helps to develop a lot of allied industries. However, in today’s globalised and highly competitive world, manufacturing industry has to keep on inventing itself to reduce costs by deploying better technology, processes, reducing wastage, and improving productivity and quality.

Rapid development of automation and robotics industry in the recent past has helped the manufacturing and process industry to overcome various hurdles faced in improving further on quality and productivity. With development of electronics industry and PLCs, embedded technology, which forms the backbone of automation and robotics, has helped these two sectors to grow at a much higher rate than anticipated.

Automation enables growth and business survival. Flexible, synchronised and efficient production system, controlled through benchmarking and shop floor management practices is the way to achieve excellence in manufacturing. Industrial automation plays a key role in achieving manufacturing excellence.

KR_AgilusRobotics, from its early avatar of simple single operation robots to today’s multi-tasking, intelligent human-like robots, has seen a 360 degree change in a very short span of time. Robots have helped to replace humans in hazardous and monotonous working conditions, and at the same time helped industries to achieve the level of accuracy, which otherwise was impossible to achieve. Since the pace of development in both robotics and automation industry is fast and rapid, it is difficult to keep track on development of each and every sector. With this background, CII Southern Region is organising an exclusive exhibition and conference on robotics and automation at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai.

Chennai is the gateway to South India which has a large manufacturing base in various sectors. Tamilnadu has established itself as a manufacturing hub for automobile, auto-components, petroleum, chemical, sugar, cement, power, electronics, heavy engineering, fabrications and engineering products at various industrial clusters spread across the state. All these industrial sectors need automation and robotics. Over the years, Chennai has developed as a manufacturing hub for automobile and auto component industry along with a large base for manufacturing of electronic goods. Both these industries have a large number of applications where robots are extensively used. Availability of large markets in and around Chennai makes it the ideal place for an exhibition on Robotics and Automation.


The 3-day exhibition will focus on the latest in technology in robotics for different applications including industrial automation and process automation. The 2-day conference will have dedicated sessions for each sector such as robot design, and competitions for technical institutes. In addition, there will be technical paper presentations by industry veterans and researchers. The exhibition is expected to have more than 150 exhibitors from across the globe and the event hopes to witness more than 15000 trade visitors. The exposition would enable companies to understand the latest trends in the relevant sectors and enable them to adopt best technology/solutions to meet their ever increasing demands for efficient, better and environment friendly solutions. Besides, it will help them understand the latest research, innovations and technological developments through various presentations during the conference, along with the exhibition. 


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