Sunjay Kapur, Chairman, Sona Koyo Steering Systems

Make in India campaign pats at the back of all foreign countries to turn back to India for investment reasons. It does not confine its reach to manufacturing sectors alone, but also knocks the doors of all industries. Technical know-how being India’s DNA, the push towards the technology for India is becoming more attuned. Realising Make in India campaign objectives, we supply technology and products across the world. The soil of India is fertile enough to reap technology and product crops and the fertility is provided by the government with its contingent policy reformation.

Sunjay Kapur, Chairman, Sona Koyo Steering Systems

Sunjay Kapur, Chairman, Sona Koyo Steering Systems

India is also leaping forward in terms of technology and other requisites pertaining to auto industry but also to an extent it is a cost sensitive market. The challenge now is to create right technology for India as it requires a paradigm shift. The 3 major parameters every automotive company has to steer on are safety, emission regulation with fuel efficiency and better connectivity. Opportunity comes for India to imbibe right technology and Make in India boosts the same. But the irony is that the emerging economy is also tagging India as the best market to invest because of climatic changes and societal changes. The business models too change because of the change in environment.

The above cited reasons are the basis for everything. A lot of investment is needed in technology zone concurrently the demand for power is also more. The power cost per unit does not support well the Make in India initiative and alternate sources are now under scrutiny. The investments are already on in generating the solar power and the vigor is going to be a step more and electrification also is going to happen. The new products in gear space we could finger out is speed gears and electronic power system module and we develop the same in India for the countries across world. The market evolves good and our R&D is watchful enough to pro-act on demand.

— as told Bhargav TS


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