Brakes India has opened the 100th Qik Brake Service (QBS) centre in Pune, enabling customers to avail of quick brake diagnostics and replacement services. Brakes India initiated the concept of QBS in 2018 in collaboration with authorized tire dealers to provide customers with a free brake diagnostic service. Trained brake technicians examine brake parts in front of customers and replace brake pads, brake discs, brake-lined shoes, and brake fluid as required. QBS has expanded its network across 62 cities in 19 Indian states, with 27 service centres in the North, 34 in the South, 33 in the West, and 6 in the East. Brakes India, a leading supplier of braking systems in the Indian market and a global supplier of ferrous castings has revenues in excess of INR 5,000 crore and a strong in-house R&D capability.


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