Bosch operates some 1100 Bosch Car Service centers in Germany, offering all manner of cross-brand car services. The range of services offered at these centers includes the traditional Bosch fields of automotive electrics, electronics and diesel servicing, as well as general mechanical repairs, inspections, air-conditioning servicing, oil servicing, tires and autoglass servicing as well as in-car multimedia servicing.

DruckSpecial conditions and services for fleet customers, such as a nationwide servicing, pick-up and delivery service, complete this range of services.

CORALIX Fleet Solutions offers independent vehicle-vehicle park management in a modular system since 17 years. Now with the cooperation between CORALIX and Bosch Car Services, vehicle park-fair solutions of the highly competitive partner Bosch Car Service are available to all customers CORALIX. 

In future, Bosch Car Service center fleet customers can also take advantage of the benefits offered by CORALIX fleet support. The latest software technology allows fleet managers access to online statistics and fleet data with the aim of increasing transparency and reducing fleet costs. 


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