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Productivity, efficiency and quality of machining in a manufacturing process depend heavily on the selection of the right coolant. With the growing complexity of industrial machining technology, metalworking fluid manufacturers face new challenges. The Switzerland-based Blaser Swisslube, which develops, produces and sells high-quality metalworking fluids, works continuously with the users of its products and identifies the best productivity projects and award them every year.

Award winners with the Chief Guests and Blaser management team

Award winners with the Chief Guests and Blaser management team

Blaser has subsidiaries and agencies in more than 60 countries, including India, to offer an extensive range of high performance cutting fluids and cutting oils suitable for almost all machining operations and materials. Blaser presents the Productivity Trophy Award to focus on the significance of selecting the right coolant and understanding how best to improve manufacturing processes in terms of productivity, efficiency and quality of machining. The latest edition of Blaser Productivity Trophy Award Ceremony was held recently in New Delhi.

The company evaluate many productivity projects and award the winners in 5 categories of Tool optimisation, Total costs of ownership, Environment, health and safety, Productivity increase, and Process optimisation. The 5 productivity trophy winners from India were: Egger Pumps India, for Tool optimisation; QH Talbros, Total costs of ownership; Ognibene India, Environment, health and safety; TBK India, Productivity increase; and RSB Transmission, Process optimisation.

Liquid tool

Marc Blaser, CEO, Blaser Swisslube AG said, “It is very important to be globally competitive in the metalworking industry. So we aim to impart education regarding the benefits and leveraging effect of our liquid tool in increasing productivity and competitiveness for our Indian customers. We want to build sustainable long- term partnerships with our customers and unfold different dimensions of productivity improvements with liquid tool in manufacturing.”

Award winners with the Chief Guests and Blaser management team

Award winners with the Chief Guests and Blaser management team

M M Singh, Director, Maruti Centre of Excellence, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, explained the importance of the focus on productivity, quality, efficiency, and environment concerns in automotive manufacturing industry, and how the manufacturing and quality excellence models in MSIL are so successful. He said, “Maruti has been using Blaser products since 10 years and it offered us a solution in metalworking fluid management that helped us improve productivity levels by 8-10% and reduce tool costs by almost 70%.”

Better cutting

Blaser Swisslube works upon higher cutting performance with the help of better lubricity in coolants and cutting oils. It is generally noticed that the cutting tool cost is much higher than the coolant cost on all CNC machines and hence as a concept, Blaser focus on maximising tool performance. The net saving effect can be much higher than the oil cost.

The company feels that the metal working fluids can add value and deliver in machining process. The paradigm shift is from coolant cost to total cost per component and productivity with metal working fluids, which is significantly higher and more relevant in today’s highly competitive market. Blaser’s concern is to provide its customers with cutting and grinding fluids that add value and help optimise their productivity, economic efficiency and the quality of their machining operations. ACI


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