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Avia Bantleon, a German-based lubricants and coolant manufacturer steps into the Indian market with its lubricant and coolant solutions. When it comes to automotive and industrial lubricants, the company has commendable expertise and history of references to show its prowess in providing lubricant solutions. Tailor made solutions is what the company is specialised into and before trialling out any lubricants in the market Avia Bantleon work with the network of people like chemists and engineers to check on the feasibility of its concepts.

Speaking on their coolants, Hugo Monroy, Export Manager Avia Bantleon expressed, “Increase in efficiency of the machines is what we derive out of our coolants. Upfront, the technology could not be marketed at a lower price as the quality of our product irrefutably delivers life time and efficiency. The products which are bathed with our coolants will have supreme delivery strength. Our lubricants knocks the doors of motor vehicle industry, construction machinery to name a few. Our special lubricants with specific characteristics get ranked in applications for metal working and automotive sector.”

Avilub Metacon is a high-speed grinding fluid

The company also delivers solutions for clean corrosion-free solutions. The company claims that the performance of the product vouches the usage of its surface finish solutions. “India’s staunchness towards cost sensitivity should be relaxed. The rope has to be loosened as cheaper solutions every time will not work good in a longer run. Keeping the current pace in adopting the newer technologies, we cannot undermine India as a cost sensitive market. Indian customers also started looking for value in the product,” highlighted Monroy. The company senses the need of unhindered production and with its oil variants it tapers down the downtime of the machines. The company proclaims itself as a partner for the machining industry with over 100 years of experience in European market.

Speaking about the R&D centre, Monroy voiced, “Investments in R&D should be the routine task as innovations are irresistible. Quality in tangible terms should be endorsed in the product but not at the cost of environment and safety. 10 decades of experience niches us in the market with innovative products. Every component needs lubrication and innovation in component segments urges us to find solutions pertaining to the product.” The company always locks the doors for hazardous substances.

The coolant major does not find lucrative market in India heretofore. But there are some green shoots now as India has started progressing in technology grounds. The company offers solutions for complex applications in auto industries. With the company’s coolants the machines output reliable products with very few rejections. It also offers extensive range of energy products. Natural gas is one of the viable non hazardous energy which is popular in the European market. Currently the company have 3000 petrol stations and plans to add more in the future.

“We do not want to war-front India with competitive prices as it is not possible with our make. But we would be able to substantiate our prices vis-a-vis quality. We are the Tier 1 suppliers for OEMs like Audi, BMW and also we are the suppliers for Bosch for their varied applications.” underlined Monroy.The company does not have any plans to have a manufacturing unit in India as the market is nascent for them and vice versa. The Potential would be analysed and may have one in future but there is no time-bound for the same. Plans for 2020 is to increase the market share with its proven tailor-made solutions. ACI


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