Automechanika collaborates with Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA) Europe to present the theme ‘Remanufacturing – the highest form of recycling’ as part of a special ‘Automechanika Remanufacturing Day’. Starting in mid-July, Automechanika Frankfurt has developed a ‘green logo’ for this theme which will be placed directly on stands to identify exhibitors offering relevant products. While representing the special interests of the remanufacturing industry, which offers several environmental benefits including reduction of Co2 emissions and delivering good value as an alternative to new products, APRA is playing its part to achieve a circular economy. Confident of this partnership with Automechanika, Daniel C. F. Köhler, Chairman, APRA Europe, said, “Remanufacturing is without a doubt one of the most sustainable businesses of the modern economy in comparison to the manufacturing of new parts. It uses nearly 90 per cent less material, reduces CO2 emissions by over 70 per cent and requires 55 per cent less energy.”


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