Apollo Tyre’s corporate social responsibility has now taken a shape with the advent of “Go the distance playgrounds” with worn out tyres. Apollo has history of corporate social responsibility events and this has to be highlighted as an off the mark event as it is the prototype initiative of “waste to wise translation”. The worn out or end of life raidal tyres were used to construct playgrounds in two village schools located in Senakuppam and Vallakottai . These villages are targeted as this comes in the radius of Apollo Tyres manufacturing facility. Depending on this success Apollo is planning to replicate the same in multiple locations. This audacious initiative is backed by the success of Go the distance pitch in old Trafford UK.

Apollo Tyres uses end-of-life radials to create playgrounds in Chennai schools

The other CSR activity by Apollo in the recent past are plantation of 50000 trees, training women in tailoring and issuance of sewing machines, free driving classes for men etcetera. The prime mantras highlighted in the event by Sathish Sharma, President of Apollo tyres Asia pacific,Middle east and Africa are reclaim, recycle, reuse and retread. Also he has addressed the gathering, the peril while the effluents are not properly discharged. The importance of tyre recycling has been the purview of his discussion as tyre is a petroleum product and emanates toxic substances if not expelled or emancipated the way it has to be. In order to avoid or mitigate the risks the best way is to recycle the same and that is done with the shape of construction of playgrounds considering the pragmatism behind the expulsion.

Sharma also delivered the significance of recycling as India would stand soon with 100 million end of life tyres year on year and this has to be attended with proper mechanisms to avoid hiccups which might rubble the environment. The plans of playgrounds and other initiatives in 105 schools located in and around the district are now in the CSR books and will soon get replicated depending upon the success of this ardent and zealous initiative.


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