Valvoline introduced a range of antifreeze coolants. Deepti Thore looks at the proposition of even operating temperatures in extreme drive conditions.

A vehicle is dependent on various lubricants to stay up and running. Coolants are crucial here! Here again, the breed of an antifreeze coolant is deemed quintessential for extreme temperatures to help the vehicle maintain an even, operational temperature. Like most fluids that need a vehicle to be drained and replaced at regular intervals, coolants are no different. The coolant levels need to be monitored periodically and checked at least twice a year—before the summer heat and before the winter cold. To address the need for optimising engine performance in such varied and extreme climatic conditions, Valvoline offers a range of Antifreeze, or engine coolants for different duty cycles. The Cummin JV partner made its presence felt at the recently concluded Excon 2k21.

Rajesh Chauhan, Head of Sales Cummins & Industrial at Valvoline Cummins Pvt. Ltd.

The most common variety of liquid antifreeze is an IAT coolant formula or Inorganic Additive Technology. ZEREX™ Original Green a type of IAT coolant is claimed to be a decade old, proven formula aimed at corrosion resistance. Another common antifreeze formula is Dex-Cool®, a coolant formula approved for use in GM, Ford, Chrysler and SAAB vehicles. The ZEREX™ Dex-Cool coolant also complies with multiple industry specifications for a wider acceptance. Contrary to green coloured base, the base of the latter is distinguished by its orange sheen. The good part is that the new generation coolants can also be used in older generation vehicles by using special additives available in the market. Solutions like the AlugardPlus® are widely available. In other products, Zerex™ G-05™ which is of HOAT (Hybrid OAT) type is a silicate coolant distinguished by a yellow sheen. The ZEREX™ G-48 Hybrid OAT (HOAT) is phosphate-free and turquoise in colour. ZEREX™ Asian Vehicle Phosphated HOAT (P-HOAT) type is available in either blue or pink base while the ZEREX™ G-40, another silicate variant HOAT (Si-OAT) has a purple hue. The company also recently introduced an advanced, Glycol-based full-antifreeze coolant claimed to generate a high cooling formulation that offers the twin advantage of an extra-long service life and a superior corrosion resistance.

Sandeep Kalia, Managing Director at Valvoline Cummins Pvt. Ltd.

In general, an AntiFreeze coolant is a coloured liquid that is mixed with water usually at a 50/50 ratio to help synchronise engine. As the temperature outside changes from hot to cold, the coolant is pumped throughout the engine block to maintain an even operating temperature. Antifreeze does more than just regulate temperature contrary to popular notion. It also aids in the maintenance of a corrosion free environment when maintained at optimal levels. Some of the directly known use cases include keeping the radiator from freezing or overheating. With its expertise in this sphere, Valvoline offers a variety of coolants and caters to diverse markets like American, Asian and the European, from motorcycles to passenger vehicles, to the commercial vehicles (including solutions for agri and off-highway segments). Each can of coolant is formulated to keep its designated engine type optimally operational.

While the company continues to develop different formulations to fill the white spaces, there is a strong speculation of acquisition looming large. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Saudi state oil giant Aramco is eyeing the acquisition of Valvoline’s lubricants business which also includes the antifreeze coolant range. The company, in 2021, is said to have hinted at wanting to separate its profitable, retails business from the global operations business. A developing story, beyond Internal Combustion Engines (ICE), the company is also known to be gearing up to meet the demands of emobility as per recent revelations by Sandeep Kalia, Managing Director at Valvoline Cummins Pvt. Ltd. According to Rajesh Chauhan, Head of Sales Cummins & Industrial at Valvoline Cummins Pvt. Ltd. the company has established close knit ties with nearly 14,000 mechanics as part of an upskilling exercise earlier this year. Globally, the company piloted its EV services in the US at its retail stores in line with the vision to extend state-of-the-art prognosis as a service solution to owners, OEMs and fleet operators. These services extend to battery replacement, tyre rotations, cabin air-filter replacement, wiper replacement and safety inspections in phase-one of the strategy to establish itself as the number one supplier of EV fluids. In Asian markets, the company in partnership with Shanghai-based car maintenance service provider Tuhu is already catering to hybrid, plug-in hybrid and BEVs. XEV is the suite of Valvoline motor oil, battery protection fluid, transmission and brake fluids.


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