Companies around the world now have unprecedented flexibility to solve the toughest engineering and product challenges, thanks to the introduction of ANSYS Elastic Licensing. This new ANSYS pay-per-use licensing model unlocks the world’s broadest portfolio of engineering simulation software – enabling users to optimize license utilization while giving them license flexibility to meet the changing demands of their businesses.

Offered alongside the traditional lease and paid-up models, as well as with cloud offerings, ANSYS Elastic Licensing is the first engineering simulation software licensing standard that provides hourly-based access to the breadth of ANSYS’ world-class multiphysics platform in a single license. Elastic licensing enables customers to size their paid-up or lease license pool to their typical workload, but make adjustments for occasional users to meet peak demands.

“ANSYS customers already benefit from the leading engineering simulation software in the industry. Our elastic licensing provides the flexibility for customers to use simulation in precisely the way that best fits their particular business,” said Ray Milhem, vice president of enterprise solutions and cloud for ANSYS. “Customers aren’t forced into any single option. Instead they have a wide array of choices across deployment and licensing options – enabling the broadest possible use of simulation. This is all part of our quest to make simulation available to every engineer.”

Elastic licenses have multiple use cases. They allow for ultimate flexibility across the full portfolio of simulation products. This option also allows for peak usage on top of more traditional licensing as well as for ad-hoc development teams focused on short-term projects.

The initial release of ANSYS Elastic Licensing will be made available through ANSYS cloud-hosting partner’sBull Atos Technologies, CPU 24/7, Gompute, Nimbix and Penguin Computing, followed by the ANSYS Enterprise Cloud later this year hosted on Amazon Web Services. Through the cloud, customers will have unrestrained access to ANSYS’ multiphysics platform offering regardless of location, removing licensing constraints. ANSYS will also offer the option for its on premise lease and paid-up licenses.

“Flexibility is critical for a company like ours,” says Sukhvinder Kang, chief technology officer for Aavid Thermalloy. “Working on numerous simulation projects with teams across the globe, it is difficult to predict up front, the mix of ANSYS products we will need, where we will need them and how many licenses we will need. Working with ANSYS has proven the value of usage-based licensing to support our constantly changing simulation needs. We expect that elastic licensing will give us the access to the broad suite of multiphysics solutions that we need to support our customers globally and bring our innovative products to market faster and more reliably than ever.”


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