Stakeholders of the emobility opportunity stepped up with a forward-looking portfolio at the 19th EV Expo 2023. Richa Tyagi picks the standout displays as the Industry chalk a vision.


Supported by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTh), Govt. of India, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY), Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), and ICAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology), the 19th EV Expo 2023, held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, was inaugurated on December 22, 2023, via video link by Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari. Spread over three halls covering an 11,000 sq. ft. expanse, it drew participation from over 180 National and International exhibitors. The three-day exhibition put the spotlight on eco-friendly innovations and Electric Vehicle (EV) technology. This was looked at for segments including two, three and four-wheelers. Critical components and ancillaries like battery technologies, auto components, and charging solutions among other ancillaries were showcased this year.


Re imagining the standing in the global EV market

During an inaugural address, Gadkari expressed gratitude to the organisers for their efforts in hosting the EV Expo since its inaugural edition in 2015. He highlighted the platform’s role in providing opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs to showcase innovations. Gadkari asserted  India’s potential to lead the global EV market and reiterated the government’s commitment towards achieving the target of one crore EV sales by 2030. This would translate to an employment generation of an estimated five crore jobs in the country. Pointing at the registration of 34.54 lakh EVs thus far in India as per the Vahan database, he cited the government’s active promotion of retrofitting existing polluting vehicles into hybrid and fully operational EVs. Regulations for this process have been approved and conducted opportunities for growth in the EV industry, he stated.

Showcasing technological advancements

The EV EXPO 2023 proved to be a comprehensive platform for the launch and exhibit of the latest progression in EVs, components, battery technology, and accessories for environmentally friendly goods and people transportation alike. Among the next-generation advancements, e-bikes, e-scooters, e-loaders, and L5 e-autos grabbed the spotlight. Technological innovations such as energy-efficient differentials, tubeless tyres, charging solutions, and batteries drew visitor interest.

The Expo served as a hub for comprehensive market information and offered lucrative business opportunities. It facilitated networking among entrepreneurs and technology providers. Rajiv Arora, the organiser of EV Expo 2023, opined the exhibition proved to be a platform for ideation, collaboration, and fostering a sustainable future. Anuj Sharma, Founder- of EV Expo & former Chairman, of the E-Rickshaw Committee, Govt. of India, highlighted the strategic and underlying focus on charging infrastructure. Additionally, the efforts towards collaboration with financial institutions and insurance companies hinted at the alignment with the Government of India’s vision of reducing dependency on imports for emobility.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, The Indian Federation of Green Energy (IFGE) organised the fourth India EV Conference titled ‘Unfolding Opportunities in EV Sector – 2.0’ at the same venue. General (Dr.) V. K. Singh, Minister of State for Road Transport & Highways and Civil Aviation, inaugurated the conference. The event served as a platform for knowledge sharing on policy issues, industry updates, technology development, and product availability, fostering networking opportunities.


CY Myutec: Leading the charge in emobility

CY Myutec, a Korean automotive components manufacturer with offices in Chennai, positioned itself as a leading producer of automotive synchroniser rings. Renowned for crafting high-quality auto-friction components such as single and multi-cone rings, friction-coated rings, swash plates, and auto-friction materials, it is a key supplier to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like Hyundai and Kia.

Manogaran, Deputy General Manager Operations at CY Myutec shared that in a strategic move towards EVs, he revealed the company’s latest offerings – the DEUX 5 and DEUX 7 bikes. The DEUX 7 model is claimed to have standout specifications. For instance, it features a potent 6.8 kW motor, a 40V 30AH dual battery system, and an impressive range of 110 km. With a top speed of 100 kmph, the bike comes with advanced features such as GPS tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, and a convenient battery-swapping feature. DEUX 7 also comes equipped with a water-cooled motor to enhance overall performance.Home charging and swapping facilities are available for both models, claimed to add to the ownership experience. The two models are known to be powered by Hyundai Kepico’s latest powertrain and LG Energy Solution battery to ensure robust performance and high efficiency. In a testimony to market acceptance, The Indonesian government have already secured 7000 units of the DEUX 7 for the electricity department. These bikes have already hit the roads in South Korea and Europe and are widely adopted for last-mile delivery systems in countries like South Korea and Indonesia. Priced at approximately rupees three-to-four lakh (on-road), these bikes present an enticing package for motorcycle enthusiasts, combining advanced technology, impressive specifications, and a commitment to sustainable and efficient transportation.


New Power Plus EV connectors

New Power Plus stands out as a leading manufacturer and trader specialising in a diverse range of spare parts for e-rickshaws and e-bikes, including ignition coils, and circuit breakers to name a few. With a steadfast commitment to delivering top-notch merchandise, the company is recognised for offering the finest products in the industry.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and implementing rigorous quality control measures, according to Abhishek Gupta, the EV Auto Parts Manufacturer at New Power Plus, the company produces a comprehensive range of EV connectors. “With a special focus on catering to two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and e-rickshaws in India, we distinguish ourselves as the sole manufacturer in India producing all types of connectors and meticulously consider FAME II and FAME III subsidies in our manufacturing processes,” he averred.


Terra Motors bets on a comprehensive ecosystem

Terra Motors Corporation, a Japan-based company, designs and manufactures electric two and three-wheelers. It has been present in India since 2014. Guided by a vision to lead innovations in EVs for a cleaner and more sustainable society, the company operates in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Backed by a team of experienced Japanese engineers, Terra Motors specialises in the development of core technologies such as powertrain systems, encompassing batteries, chargers, motors, and controllers. The company boasts production plants in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Japan.

Reflecting on a decade of success, Apurba Das Mohapatra, Business Head at Terra Motors, expressed enthusiasm about the ground  breaking developments showcased at EV Expo 2023. The expo marked the first instance of presenting the entire Terra ecosystem, including Terra Charge, Terra Motors, and Terra Finance. This comprehensive solution aims to benefit the entire community and foster a sustainable EV ecosystem, aligning with the company’s commitment to a greener, smarter, and connected future. The company showcased its 3.3 chargers, deemed a game-changing technology that sets new standards in charging efficiency. It also unveiled the L5 cargo model, poised to shape the future of electric mobility, the power of integration, Terra Charge, Terra Motors, and Terra Finance collaborated to create a holistic EV ecosystem, providing a seamless and interconnected solution for the evolving needs of the electric vehicle community.


EVE Energy for green electrification in global transportation

EVE is claimed to stand out with its cutting-edge and inventive lightweight power battery solutions, serving as a beacon of advanced technology in the field. The company focuses on the “dual carbon” goal and collaborates with global partners to promote green travel through comprehensive, safe, reliable, and intelligent transportation energy solutions. This comprehensive offering plays a vital role in advancing the electrification of India’s travel. At the recent EV Expo, EVE showcased a wide array of innovative products, including cylindrical and prismatic batteries, standard battery packs, battery systems, and intelligent Battery Management Systems (BMS). These versatile products are designed to adapt to various transportation electrification scenarios, meeting diverse application needs globally. EVE’s cylindrical batteries, utilising NCM and LFP material systems, boast impressive features such as high safety, long endurance, extended cycle life, and a wide temperature range. Widely used in electric two-wheeled vehicles, e-bikes, power tools, garden tools, and A0-level electric vehicles, these batteries have garnered global recognition, with over 2.1 billion units claimed to have been supplied worldwide, positioning EVE as a leader, especially in China. While maintaining its technological edge in cylindrical batteries, EVE has expanded its global product matrix. EVE emphasised enhanced core performance achieved through multiple innovations in battery cells and structures.


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