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Als „Mediator“ ermöglicht die ZF-Middleware eine effiziente Kommunikation von Software-Funktionen zu Hardware-Komponenten. Sie bietet Unabhängigkeit und Kompatibilität, um Fahrzeugplattformen zukunftssicher zu machen.
As a “mediator”, the ZF middleware enables efficient communication from software functions to hardware components. It provides independence and compatibility to make vehicle platforms future proof.

ZF Presents Middleware and establishes Global Software Center

The vehicle of the future will feature high levels of networking and automation defined by software. But a “software-defined car” is much more than a ”smartphone on wheels” even if the vehicle operation increasingly resembles that of a smartphone. The difference is the quality and quantity of hardware systems that need to be intelligently connected by a software platform to[Read More…]

by December 16, 2020 Newscast