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Aurangabad-based Yeshshree Press Components capitalises itself with its Research and Development (R&D) centre which constantly watches the market and come up with updated technologies. The technology which they develop named ‘pipe scooping’ gives end to end solutions for automotive pipes. This technology is patented by them and gives thorough solutions for automotive pipes. With this new technology the number of operators are reduced and in turn the company comes up with cost saving.


Speaking about this technology Sanjay R Phatale, CEO, Yeshshree Press Components proclaimed that, “The pipe scooping technology is patented by us and with this advent we are able to reduce the number of operators needed in the piping line. We are not compromising the quality as such and we claim the quality of the product is augmented with 1 operator. Our products are continuously upgraded with this pipe scooping machine. Our workforce with defined set of roles and responsibilities update and upgrade various products mapping the latest technologies keeping cost factor in mind.”

The company caters to two-wheeler and three-wheeler segments. It designs develops and manufactures the complete range of commercial vehicle parts satiating the needs of the OEMs or the customers. The components manufactured by the company ensures safety, efficiency and finest quality with contemporary technological inputs. Automation is effectively implemented in their facilities and with minimum human intervention mundane tasks are carried out. Robotic lines are dedicated and this automation in most of the product development process is to ensure maximum accuracy, perfection, safety and productivity.

Speaking about the automation in their facilities Phatale averred that, “We have achieved 70% of automation in case of three-wheelers and more than 75% of automation in case of two-wheelers. This process which involves minimum human intervention shun accidents and human errors. Hence safety is underlined and ascertained at our premises to its fullest.”

There is a developing client base for the company and as of now the company caters to 2 major clients Bajaj and Piaggio and have dedicated lines to cater customised products respectively. Speaking about the dedicated lines Phatale denoted that, “We ensure quality and on dot delivery for unhindered process and our lines hitherto does not delay or compromise the quality standards. But with this facility we could cater to more clients and our client page soon be loaded with more number of clients as we are in talks with few. With our state of the art facility and cutting edge technologies we would be able to cater to the needs of larger and smaller companies coming in the close verticals of Bajaj and Piaggio. We would not hesitate to take new orders which are coming in the league of the current supplies. We take pride in associating with these OEMs and looking forward for more and more consortium.”

The company manufactures products like main stand, side stand, gear shift lever, brake pedal assembly, tubular components, back plates. The basic testing of the products is done within the premises and the dynamic testing is done at the customer’s end. The company ensures 100% accuracy in their products and also it exports traces of its production. As of now the statistics figures 0.08% exports and the company’s capacity utilisation is around 85%. With QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) as their core strength the company recorded a turnover of Rs 360 crore. “The growth curve is flat but there are lots of positive signs and by 2020 we expect to scale our turnover to Rs 500 crore and very soon we are hopeful to ink with couple of OEMs,” concluded Phatale.


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