As a prominent advocate for reducing, reusing and recycling to lessen environmental impact, Visteon’s plant in Chennai, India, has been awarded the India Green Manufacturing Challenge (IGMC) silver medal for its eco-friendly work by the International Research Institute for Manufacturing (IRIM).

The IGMC rewards companies that have shown consistent progress in improving sustainability factors associated with their manufacturing facilities, encouraging the adoption of green processes through training, evaluation and recognition. 

Focusing on the strengths of the Chennai plant, IRIM organizers praised Visteon’s local leadership team for upholding the vision of the company through the growth of sustainable operations. The synergy demonstrated between leaders and their functional groups ensured colleagues were able to work exceptionally as a team to resolve challenges, while maintaining their priority of continuous improvement.

Management was also honored for its involvement in addressing the business needs of growth and development to become a technology leader and hub of operational excellence while maintaining a clean, safe and prosperous working environment across the plant.


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