TVS Srichakra launched a range of 11 replacement tyre sizes to align with the post-pandemic demands of personal mobility and commercial fleets. Team ACI shares a first look of the new addition to the OEM portfolio.

TVS Srichakra Ltd. is building on the positive feedback for launches of the recent past. In a bid to further streamline its portfolio, the company has expanded its existing range for the aftermarket with the addition of new tyre sizes. The tyre manufacturer broadened its aftermarket range with the launch of 11 new sizes under the existing series of ‘SPORTORQ’, ‘JUMBO GT’, ‘CONTA’, ‘DURAPRO’ and ‘e-DURAPRO’ tyres to meet the projected, post-pandemic demand. On one end of the spectrum, the company will cater to the demand for commuter and high-performance bikes while on the other end of the spectrum, it will also cater to e-rickshaws. Out of the new 11, eight are high-performance tyres for the motorbikes, two are for scooters and one size is for the e-rickshaws.
Sharing the company strategy behind the aftermarket range, averred P Madhavan, EVP – Sales & Marketing, TVS Srichakra Ltd. “We have introduced over 20 new products in the recent past and all of them have been received well in the market. To address the increasing demand in the post-pandemic era, we are now launching these 11 new products that will add to our already extensive range.” With a focus on innovation, superior quality standards and high performance, the company, according to Madhavan is looking to redefine personal mobility and commercial fleet segments. It is claimed to have done so by blending the best of mileage, performance and durability capabilities. Add to it, the company is also claimed to have addressed the need for superior braking performance and higher safety in different terrains the tyres are expected to ply on. The experience in two-wheeler tyre design and manufacturing backed by global R&D capabilities is especially expected to hold the company in good stead, meeting the preferences of millennial riders, he opined.

P Madhavan, EVP – Sales & Marketing, TVS Srichakra Ltd.

The Power of 11
To be made widely available pan India, across urban metros and rural towns, of the new range, the ‘SPORTORQ’ has two new additions in the 80/100-17 TL and the 2.75-17 TL. Designed with a reinforced tri-polymer compound, the two are claimed to offer a superior grip on both wet and dry surfaces. For instance, the unique tread pattern is to offer superior control at higher speeds. The grooves are designed to enhance water dispersion evenly at all lean angles. The rounded and extended shoulder profile is said to enable better stability and traction while cornering.
The ‘JUMBO GT’ has two new additional sizes in the 100/90-17 TL and the 100/90-18TL. The ‘DURAPRO’ gets five new sizes in the 80/100-18TL, 2.75-18TL, 3.00-17 TL, 3.00-18 TL and 90/100-10 TL. Both ‘JUMBO GT’ and ‘DURAPRO’ are banking on a claimed, rugged design to tackle diverse road conditions. The treads are aligned and optimised for better mileage and superior stability aimed at the commuter bikes segment. For scooters, the ‘CONTA’ 725 range gets a new size in 90/90-12 TL. Claimed to offer superior mileage and grip, the new addition has also been designed, keeping safety at high-speeds as the topmost priority.
The ‘e-DURAPRO’ range joins the existing three-wheeler range of ‘STREETKING’, ‘BADSHAH’ and ‘JAYA’. The 90-90 12 TT is claimed to have been optimised for long-lasting durability. It is designed especially for the cargo-segment with a heavy load-carrying capability along with a high degree of stability. The all-new improved tread design is claimed to support high mileage. Besides, the company also offers the ‘e-CONTA’ range in sizes 90/90-12 and 3.75-12 for e-rickshaws. ACI
Headquartered in Madurai, TVS Srichakra has manufacturing facilities in Madurai (Tamil Nadu) and Pantnagar (Uttarakhand) with a production capacity of over three million tyres a month. The company has a design centre in Milan, Italy supporting the R&D centre in Madurai. The tyres are known to be tested in Indian, European, and Japanese road conditions to cater to over 85 countries across the world.


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