In-light of the continued illegal strike by Toyota Kirloskar Motor Employees Union, the management was forced to announce a second lock-out on November 23rd 2020. However, the company had resumed production with over 1200 team members who had expressed their intention to work with discipline, through a simple undertaking of good behaviour. Thereafter, in view of a recent meeting held between Dr. Ashwathnarayan, Honourable Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Karnataka with the TKM management and having observed a gradual improvement in safety situation, both inside and outside the company premises, TKM Management have decided to withdraw the lock-out, without any compromise to discipline and productivity.

This will be in the interest of both team members and their families as well as the company. Consequent to the lifting of the lockout, operations will enhance with effect from second shift of January 12, 2021 in both the plants. Employees returning to work will sign a simple undertaking for good conduct and report to work. The Suspension Pending Enquiry of 66 unionized employees for serious misconducts will continue and domestic enquiries will be conducted adhering to the principles of Natural Justice.

We believe that our success depends upon the dedication of our team members. Furthermore, as a people centric company, TKM has been at the forefront of providing a conducive working environment including competitive compensation packages, as well as unique welfare measures over and above the statutory requirements, to improve the quality of life of its workforce. As a world-class manufacturing company, we will continue to introduce favourable and unique policies that support our employee while further fostering a safe and rewarding working environment that suits the diverse needs of our team members and their families. The safety and well-being of all our stakeholders and especially our employees being of utmost importance to us, and we would like to emphasize that basic discipline will continue to be the cornerstone of our business principles and we will not compromise on behaviour and acts that threaten Toyota’s safety philosophy and its brand value in the country.

We are extremely grateful to the Government of Karnataka, Labour department, Police Department and other authorities for lending their strong support in restoring peace in and around the plant premises and assuring the protection of loyal employees who have and will return to work. Over the years, TKM has nurtured a strong bond with the state of Karnataka and we will actively promote this spirit not only within Toyota but will continue to support the community at large while upholding the state’s conducive business environment


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