Space startups like GalaxEye Space, Dhruva Space, and Pixxel are urging the government to establish a digital public infrastructure (DPI) for earth observation-based geospatial analytics. The Indian Space Association (ISPA) has echoed this call, highlighting the potential benefits for India’s burgeoning space sector.


These companies argue that implementing a DPI is crucial for sectors like agriculture, disaster management, infrastructure planning, and urban development, where space technologies play a vital role.

ISPA suggests creating a space technology infrastructure initiative to provide open access to satellite data archives, ground station networks, cloud computing resources, simulation tools, geospatial databases, and navigation APIs, utilizing NavIC. Lt Gen AK Bhatt (Retd), director general of ISPA, emphasized the importance of frameworks for sharing infrastructure to foster collaboration among industry players.

Suyash Singh, co-founder of GalaxEye Space, emphasized the need for diverse sensor data and the development of satellite capabilities, including multi-sensor satellites, to fully leverage the potential of a DPI for various commercial applications.


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