Simplex Castings Limited and ADJ Engineering have been selected as partners by I.P Bardin TsNIIchermet, a prominent Russian Central Research Institute for Iron and Steel Industry, to manufacture metallurgical equipment designed and developed by TsNIIchermet for Indian and Russian steel plants. This partnership signifies a significant milestone for Simplex Castings Limited, as it marks the initiation of collaboration under the cooperation agreement. The initial order valued at Rs 20 million is indicative of the trust and confidence placed in Simplex Castings Limited and ADJ Engineering by TsNIIchermet. Ketan Shah, Chairman of Simplex Castings Limited, expressed his enthusiasm regarding this development, stating, “At Simplex, we are delighted to receive our first order from Chermet under the cooperation agreement. This partnership opens doors for Simplex to provide Chermet-designed equipment to steel plants in India and Russia.” The cooperation agreement with ADJ Engineering, Chermet, and Simplex Castings Limited is viewed as a crucial step towards the future growth trajectory of the company. The collaboration between these entities not only underscores the technological capabilities and manufacturing expertise of Simplex Castings Limited but also highlights the strategic vision of TsNIIchermet in expanding its market presence and technological influence in the steel industry. This partnership is expected to pave the way for further advancements and breakthroughs in equipment manufacturing and metallurgical technologies. Simplex Castings Limited is committed to delivering top-notch quality equipment as part of this collaboration, aiming to exceed the expectations of TsNIIchermet and contribute significantly to the enhancement of steel manufacturing capabilities in both India and Russia. This cooperation sets a solid foundation for future engagements and represents a key driver of growth and innovation for all parties involved.


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