Sekisui DLJM Molding, a joint venture of Sekisui Chemical Co Ltd and Dipty Lal Judge Mal, has inaugurated its third plant plant in India. To cater the needs of Yamaha, the company recently commenced operation of its third plant, which is located at the Yamaha Suppliers Park in Vallam Vadakal, near Chennai. The plant was inaugurated by Takashi Terabayashi, Managing Director, India Yamaha Motor Private Limited along with other officials from Sekisui DLJM.

The CEO of Sekisui DLJM Molding, Tadahiko Yoshioka said, “We have made an initial investment of Rs 30 crore for the new facility, which currently has 9 injection molding machines. Depending upon Yamaha’s schedule as they expand their production within next 2 years, we will also be expanding our capacity by adding more machineries. The entire facility can house more than 25 machines and going forward we are also planing to install a painting facility in the same facility.”

The plant, which is spread across 15,000 square metres, has a total capacity of 100 tonnes per month. To start with, it will make nearly 30-40 part numbers and will be gradually expanding to 60 parts. Sekisui DLJM supplies 50% of the plastic parts to Yamaha. Currently the company supplies around 20 parts to the vehicle manufacturers for its motorcycles and scooter models.

The company already has 2 plants in India, each one in Greater Noida and in Tapukara, Rajasthan. The Greater Noida plant is dedicated to Yamaha as it supplies injected moulded plastic parts to Yamaha’s Surajpur plant. The Tapukara plant supplies to two-wheeler OEMs like as Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, Suzuki and Harley-Davidson (for its Street 750 superbike). This plant also caters to passenger carmakers like Honda Cars India. Currently, both plants are running close to 80% capacity.


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