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Schenck Rotec India, a 100% subsidiary of German-based International Group established in 1986 plans to focus India and Asia-Pacific markets. The company that supplies balancing machines to the automotive industry find its application in crankshaft, brake disc, flywheel, turbochargers and tyre and wheel assembly. The wide range of applications are designed based on the experience, constant research and development and end-user feedback. S S Sharma, Senior Vice President – Sales & Service, Schenck Rotec India told Auto Components India that, “We would be able to deliver German technology machines at Indian cost because of the competitive manufacturing and labor cost prevailing in India.”

Balancing machines are vital for any body which rotates and especially in auto industry the applications of the same are obvious. The uneven distribution of the masses mainly cause unbalance and it causes centrifugal forces. These forces appear to act on a body moving in a circular path and the forces caused, direct the body away from the centre around which the body is moving. Because of these forces, vibrations and noises occur during rotation which eventually cause crackling sounds especially at high speeds. Because of these vibrations, bearings, suspensions and housings are subjected to high stress resulting in greater wear. This will affect the life of the components, revealed Sharma.

Not only these products, even the miniature components like screws and clamps will get more wear and tear. Switches, pipes and cables are affected by vibration and this in-turn tosses the life of the handlers. On top of that the noisy vehicles’ brands will get deteriorated and cannot fetch its space in the market. The quality of the products also gets degraded. These negative effects like disruptive vibrations, noises and imbalances could be overcome using balancing machines. “With over 100 years of experience we offer the right solution for every task and rendering tailored balancing solutions to customers. Having a technology centre in India, we would always put our hands in the technological move and ensure the same is matched with the German standards. We have a balancing machine from Germany which is set as benchmark and the calibrations are taken care accordingly mapping the outputs. We are vying with our fellow players and demonstrated that we deliver German technologies at Indian cost,” added Sharma.

The company always stick on to ISO standards and keep innovation as the formula for its solutions. Calibrations are parred with German standards. The company’s manufacturing products include Dynamic Balancing Machines, Vibration Monitoring Systems, Smart Balancers, Universal Horizontal Balancing Machines, Vertical Balancing Machines, Balancing Machines for crankshafts, Durr Ecoclean products, Durr Somac products, Durr Assembly products. The company claims that the machines manufactured by them has very minimal downtime.
“After sales service is what the market now expects and we are very much poised in that. Our technical team renders in person service for any criticality irrespective of the location constraints. We have our unique modus operandi and once in 3 months we are in touch with customers to check on the machine performance and to highlight all our machines have CE conformance.”

The company positions itself as a customer-centric organisation and runs customer relationship program every quarter. In addition to resolving the issues faced by the customers the company also facilitates them with a technical seminar to keep them updated with the latest technical trends. “We have our R&D centre in Germany and the centre is unruffled and reacts quickly to needs and wants. Our precision engineered balancing machines are known for compact design, fast set-up, highest measuring accuracy and reliability. With our technology inputs matching international standards our machines stand proud amidst its peers.” expressed Sharma.

The company has manufacturing units in Germany, USA, India, China, Japan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Srilanka. In India the company has area offices in Chennai, Ahmedabad, Indore, Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi. The company serves OEMs which include General Motors, FIAT, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra to name a few. The company also exports the balancing machines to many countries including UK, USA and Poland. ACI


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