JK Tyres with a new series of premium off-highway tyres wants to ensure CEVs stay on course. Prateek Pardeshi shares first impressions.

Grip and traction decide the acceptance of Off-highway Tyres (OTRs). These are two major aspects driving off-highway applications, especially in the mining and construction segments. VK Misra, Technical Director, JK Tyre & Industries Ltd. presiding the launch of the wheel loader tyre 45/65-45 58PR VEM 63 L5 TL, motor graders and telehandlers 14.00-24 GTL Champ 16 PR G3 TT, 12.00-24 Hard Rock Champion 20PR E4 TT and 16.00-25 VEM 045 44PR E3 TT, said, “Our new premium OTR range is created with an advanced technology and is particularly designed to deliver increased mileage and exceptional traction in the most demanding of situations.” “The new tyres feature a longer tread life and wear and cut resistant tread compounds to provide extended service life and be tailored to offer superior stability,” he claimed.

Keeping in mind the requirements of niche customers, under the premium off-highway segment, JK tyre is banking on the 45/65-45 58PR VEM 63 L5 tyre designed for wheel loaders. The tyres are claimed to offer an extra load carrying capacity and casing reliability. The tubeless tyres with large, broad lugs and a large contact surface offer higher stability. These have a tough nylon casing that aids in the extra loading capacity on offer. This tyre is the most recent addition to the wheel loader portfolio. Further, 14.00-24 GTL Champ 16 PR G3, designed for motor graders and telehandlers are backed by a larger tread claimed to enhance stability while working with heavy loads. According to Misra, the tyres are developed using a sample tread designed first at the software layer of the product development life cycle leveraging 3D printing. On examining it, once the desired properties are attained, a mould is manufactured with an opex of Rs.50-60 lakhs. In this manner, the company is able to save development costs, upfront, as a result of eliminating a trial and error risk associated with a fully built prototype. For the mining segment, the company’s 12.00-24 Hard Rock Champion 20PR E4 TT stands out with reduced block shuffling ability which reduces tread shuffling and reduces tyre wear. The lesser stone entrapment refers to the tread cuts and debris holding as a result of the plying on off-road terrains. Explained Misra, it was designed to leverage the centrifugal force to ensure optimal traction.

For the new age tippers, suited for harsh terrains, the company is banking on the 16.00-25 VEM 045 44PR E3 TT. These tyres are designed using low heat dissipating tread compounds for efficient running and longer tread life. Misra drew attention to the synergies with the Raghupati Singhania Centre named after Dr Raghupati Singhania, Chairman and Managing Director at the company as a global tech centre. He also highlighted the role of the new CoE built as a Joint Venture (JV) with IIT Madras. Treel Mobility Solutions, one of the JK tyre acquired companies, showcased various ‘Smart tyre’ technologies powered by IoT-based telematics solutions.


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