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Omron redefines automotive electronic segment with its slew of product launches attributing to safety, security and environment friendly. Technology is an integral part of the economy. The automotive market which was mechanically sound now takes the help of electronics to have a better ergonomic ambiance inside the vehicle. The life style of the people keep changing and that gets exhibited in all their uses. Automotive is one of the industries people start searching for more luxuries. Though people in India have not raised their heels hitting European style they have started imbibing certain luxuries and 3-5 years down the line there will definitely be a drastic change in Indian market with regards to the adaption of safety, security and environmentally poised features in their vehicles.

Speaking about the electronic and technology adaption Vinod Raphael, Country Business Head -India, Omron Electronic Components highlighted that, “The growth of Asian economy is astonishingly high but when it comes to performing factors they lag a lot. The pull behind is the pace of electronic adaption. The automatic transmission is far from our vicinity now. Be it any market in Asia, the auto gear is hardly functioning in the vehicles. But these traits have to be adapted to have an organising way of maneuvering the vehicles.” OEMs and suppliers have started working technologically innovative products matching the needs of the society which confers total benefit to the customers. The cost component to an extent has to be compensated by the people for the comfort of themselves and the benefit of the society.

The company is basically from Japan and has an established market in electronics industry which manufactures and supplies sensors, switches, connectors and relays. The company caters to both four-wheelers and two-wheelers and also focus on auto modules, power control units, body control module and remote key less entry system. Indian market stands welcoming for auto industry as growth prospects are greeting all OEMs. The company anticipates the Indian market to be the revenue generation market by 2020 and lot of signs are helloing the manufacturers.

Speaking about the cost sensitiveness Vinod averred that, “We are in this market for the past 8 decades and it is evident that we did and do have innovations to lure the market and sustained in a big way. We are not playing cost leadership role but vouching the tag line of ours which underlines innovation driven by social needs. We do not want to compete with fellow players and rule over them in the cost dynasty as that will not serve the purpose in a longer run. Our competitors will have certain pages and they will be unique in that and we do stand unique in certain qualities. We have enough good solutions and keep on thriving with sustainable solutions with an investment of 7-8% for R&D in the total turnover.”

The company has streamlined their innovation in 3 different disciplines. The products are attributed in any of the listed disciplines namely environment friendly, safety and security. Micro switch manufactured by the company which is used in door latches, foot latches and other applications now comes with solder less terminal which is a good sign of environmental friendly product. Lead normally will be the chemical used in soldering and everybody is aware of the lead-effects . As the terminal comes lead-free it is very safe for the environment. All the switches manufactured by the company are ROHS compliant.

Highlighting one of the products which is to be launched on safety attribute, Vinod revealed that, “We are very much concerned on the safety parameters and draw our innovation lines in driver safety parameter. Lot of accidents on road is because of driver’s negligence. We are contemplating a technological move called ‘Image sensing technology’. This particular product will sense driver’s eyelids and track the same. The movement of the eyelids will be clearly monitored and triggers warning whenever it is out of the road view. This also does sound warning in the event of driver sleeping inside the vehicle. This would hit the market in an years time and deliberations with regards to this product is going on with OEMs.”
The company has the core R&D function only in Japan and plans all the moves in R&D discipline from Japan technology centre only. The company has establishments in Japan, China, Europe, Thailand, US, Italy, Korea and India. It caters to two-wheelers and four-wheelers and supplies component to all major OEMs like Honda, Volkswagen, Ford, Suzuki, Harley Davidson and Yamaha. The company does give much weight-age to fuel efficiency too as lightweight mantra is viral now. “We have started using PCB relays to plug-in relay as the latter would be bulky,” noted Vinod. The company has profit avenues from multiple industries and the overall turnover recorded is 7.1 billion US dollar last year with 13-14% from auto industries across globe. The company has good growth prospects and evidents a growth of 15-20% YoY.


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