Future challenges and needs of Quality Infrastructure (QI) were discussed at the recently held second Indian Industry Bodies Meeting, organized by the National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB), a constituent board of the Quality Council of India (QCI). The experts highlighted the need for QI among various industries including Electronics, IT, Telecom, and Engineering and Capital Goods Sectors. Crucial to India’s burgeoning economic success, these sectors not only significantly bolster domestic and international trade but also serve as catalysts for the nation’s overall economic development. Collectively, they contribute more than 16% to India’s GDP. The event served as a platform to bolster the vision of Developed India by 2047 and for industry leaders, government officials, and experts to discuss the pivotal role of standards, technical regulations, and accredited conformity assessments in India’s path to becoming one of the top three global economic powers within the next 10-15 years.


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