Taking forward its legacy of offering best-in-class tyres for two wheeler vehicles, Metro Tyres today announced its expansion into the two-wheeler radial Motorcycle tyre segment in India for the passionate motor bike riders. The all-new Metro Radial Motorcycle tyres were unveiled today by Mr Rummy Chhabra, Managing Director, Metro Tyres.

Sumrit Chhabra, Executive Director, Metro Tyres and Rummy Chhabra, MD, Metro Tyres unveiling the Metro Radial Motorcyle Tyre

Sumrit Chhabra, Executive Director, Metro Tyres and Rummy Chhabra, MD, Metro Tyres unveiling the Metro Radial Motorcyle Tyre

The new range of tyres have been designed and developed at the company’s state-of-the-art R&D Facility in Punjab. Metro Tyres will be investing Rs 300 crores in upgrading this facility, capacity expansion and inclusion of futuristic R&D facilities. The company has collaborated with Continental, Germany to ensure a complete technology transfer to India in order to produce tyres of global quality standards. Metro Tyres is the only tyre company in India to have done such a technological collaboration with a global tyre manufacturer. This investment & collaboration will drive the company’s foray into this ultra high quality tyre segment, which requires cutting edge technology for its design, manufacturing, testing & validation. Highly localised at 90%, these tyres will cater to a diverse product range of motorcycles starting from entry-level 150cc segment and mid-weight motorcycle segment of 200-250cc to high capacity sports bikes.

Rummy Chhabra, Managing Director, Metro Tyres said, “We have always believed in introducing products which offer the best to our customers. With this foray, we aim to create an offering, which would allow the evolving Indian customer to have an exemplary driving experience on the challenging Indian roads &under extreme weather conditions. With our technological partnership with Continental, Germany, we are confident of introducing a product, which will revolutionize the existing Motorcycle Radial Tyre market in India. This launch further fortifies our position in the ever-growing two-wheeler segment and makes us a full-range player. We have an aspiration of gaining 10% market share of the Auto two-wheeler tyre segment with this investment.”

The two-wheeler industry in India is growing at a CAGR of 8.5% and as per estimates the country has over 120 million two wheelers currently. World’s largest two wheeler market–‘India’offers a massive playing field for manufacturers like us. With the kind of quality & technology we offer besides standing true the vision of our Honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi of ‘Making in India’, we are well poised to grow and become a market leader in the two wheeler radial tyres segment”, he added.

Metro Radial Motorcycle tyres come with extra flexible sidewall and have a higher tread rigidity, leading to cushioned ride and an increased mileage in service. The stiffer tread lowers the tyre rolling resistance and thus provides higher vehicle fuel efficiency. The flatter tread radius of Metro Radial Motorcycle tyres, provide a larger ground contact area, better stability and extra safety at higher speeds.

The Metro Radial Motorcycle tyres are designed for excellent braking and provide higher level of stability, essentially required under Indian driving conditions. The tyres are designed with primary focus on grip, safety, comfort and excellent high speed performance. These tyres are robust, with an ultimate road grip and have high speed cornering performance. The plies in Radial Motorcycle tyres run “radially” from bead to bead and do not actually cross over each other, thereby allowing the tyre to flex on its sidewall more easily. These tyres generate lower heat while in momentum and thus are more suitable for higher speeds.

The tyres will be available for sale immediately at company’s select dealers across the country.


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