Professor Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli, a board member of KPIT Technologies, has been awarded the Frontiers of Knowledge Award for his contributions to the field of chip design. The award recognizes individuals who have made substantial contributions to their respective fields and have had a transformative impact on society. Professor Vincentelli, a board member of KPIT for over eight years, has been acknowledged for developing innovative software tools that have revolutionized the automation of electronic circuit design and construction. Through his expertise in electronic design automation techniques, he has played a pivotal role in advancing the development of chips that power smartphones, computers, and microprocessors embedded in various devices. KPIT is a global partner to the automotive and mobility ecosystem for making software-defined vehicles a reality. With 10,000 employees across the globe specializing in embedded software, AI, and digital solutions, KPIT accelerates its clients’ implementation of next-generation technologies for the future mobility roadmap.


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