Deep tech mobility startup from Bengaluru, iGowise, has announced its offering for OEM enablement. The company has been working in the smart mobility segment for more than ten years and has packaged its innovative technologies into a mobility platform as a service (M-PaaS) to empower emerging OEMs in the micro-mobility space.
The iGo M-PaaS claims to be equipped with a series of innovative technologies, including the Narrow Tilting Twin-wheel, Active-Balancing-Assist, Self-Syncing Dual-Drive power-train, and an advanced 1,00,000 Km Lithium Manganese Iron Phosphate battery chemistry.

This platform is said to enable EV startups to expedite product development cycles by up to 3three faster, fostering a “build your own brand” (BYOB) approach and high-quality next-gen 2W manufacturing.

Speaking about the launch of M-PaaS, Suresh Salla, CTO & Chief Engineer of iGowise, emphasised on the importance of core-automobile R&D alongside electric powertrain advancements, stating, “Our goal is to see India at the forefront of high-quality 2W manufacturing. This requires a comprehensive R&D approach that extends beyond electric powertrain components.”

iGo said that the offering is the blueprint for setting up off-the-shelf micro-factories to democratise electric vehicle manufacturing and reduce entry barriers for EV startups. It added that the company simplifies complex production processes and cuts manufacturing setup costs by up to 90 per cent, to redefine the path for OEMs to bring new products to the market for meeting high consumer demand, and compete effectively in the global EV market.

iGo EV powertrain platform claims to have the ability to eliminate the need for dedicated charging infrastructure. The 3.5 kWh multi-level fire-resistant battery pack can be recharged within just 3 hours at any standard 15 Amps home socket, ensuring the long life of the battery without the need for DC fast chargers.


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