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Hiwin Motion Control and System Technology will focus more on automation to cater to the needs of the Indian machining industry. The company, a manufacturer of linear guideways, linear motors, actuators, ball screws etc., plans to provide pick and place robots for the machining industries to increase speed and productivity.


We are the manufacturers of motion control technologies which is a key component used in all the machines. In most of the machines, there is linear motion requirement. Our linear guideways and ball screws which are the key components for x,y and z motion. Currently, we are number 2 in the world in manufacturing linear motion technologies. We make the components and supply to the machine builders. Globally, we have 10 subsidiaries, but we have 6 manufacturing units only in Taiwan. Using robots is the next generation automation. We are also expanding our product portfolio by slowly integrating our components which will add value for our products and customers,” Simon Liao, Head, India Operations, Hiwin Motion Control and System Technology, said.

Previously, the machines used hard belts but now they use linear guideways which increase the machine speed. We also have linear motors which are for high speed and productivity. To increase productivity, we have automation robotics also. Productivity with automation will be more than with manpower. When productivity increases, cost of the products will come down,” he added.

Simon Liao, Head, India Operations, Hiwin Motion Control and System Technology

Simon Liao, Head, India Operations, Hiwin Motion Control and System Technology

The company feels that one manpower can control one robot and then they can work in 4 to 5 machines. It integrates the robots in a machine which helps the machine builders widely. Automation is the future of automotive industry. All the companies are upgrading to automation and Hiwin is no exception.

Using robots, is very common in China. We feel that the demand for robots is gradually increasing in the Indian market. The requirements of robots in welding process is tremendously increasing in the Indian market. Most of the machine components of robots are supplied by us. We sell our products to most of the machine manufacturers. We import our products from Taiwan,” Simon Laio said.


The company sees Indian market as a potential and sensitive market. growing tremendously. The company has 3 Pan India distributors who import the materials from Hiwin and do cutting and machining in India to supply all the tier-1 & 2 cities but the core manufacturing is done in Taiwan. In future, Hiwin will manufacture welding robots and may set up a manufacturing facility in India.

Since we are late comers to the Indian market, we are slowly marketing our products. We have also sold a few robots in India. Currently, we have pick and place robots and we are not into welding robots yet. We have products of high quality at a reasonable price. We have a strong support in the Indian market. Since 2013, we have a gradual growth of about 10 to 20%. Last financial year was a big bloom for us in the global market and we anticipate the same for this year. The machine tool industries will continue to grow, and we can foresee better future for us,” he said.


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