Greaves Engineering, the engineering division of Greaves Cotton Limited , has unveiled its new range of CPCB IV+ Compliant Gensets. This launch aligns with the latest Central Pollution Control Board standards, addressing the growing demand for sustainable and reliable power solutions in India.

Greaves Engineering’s new gensets, ranging from 5 kVA to 500 kVA in the <800kW segment, significantly reduce emissions, producing about 90% less NOx and particulate matter (PM). This milestone reinforces the company’s commitment to powering India sustainably. Additionally, Greaves offers gensets from 1010 kVA up to 2500 kVA.

The extensive product portfolio includes models for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, catering to sectors like malls, manufacturing, realty, infrastructure, railways, airports, hospitals, education, and more. The gensets are engineered to operate smoothly in temperatures from -5°C to 50°C and are known for their silent operation.

Dr. Arup Basu, Managing Director of Greaves Cotton Limited, stated, “The new CPCB IV+ compliant gensets are a testament to our commitment to environmentally responsible and robust power solutions. These regulations are crucial for guiding the industry towards sustainability and meeting India’s net zero aspirations by 2070.”

With over 50 years in the industry and more than 100,000 operational gensets, Greaves Engineering has established itself as a reliable name in power generation across India, the SAARC region, the Middle East, and Africa. The company’s gensets, manufactured at their state-of-the-art facility in Talegaon, have powered significant expeditions and vital institutions across India.

Customers benefit from Greaves Engineering’s nationwide service network, offering 24/7 support and live remote monitoring through the ‘Greaves 1 app’. Additionally, the gensets come with a standard warranty of 5 years or 5000 operational hours.


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