Bridgestone drives in the next generation of passenger vehicle tyres. The TURANZA 6i, is engineered for premium comfort, longevity and fuel efficiency, writes Richa Tyagi.

Bridgestone India drove in the latest tyre generation for the passenger vehicle segment. The TURANZA 6i is claimed to be a significant step up in the tyre manufacturer’s commitment to offering premium comfort, superior longevity and fuel efficiency. Addressing the press at the launch event on April 10, 2024, in New Delhi, Hiroshi Yoshizane San, Managing Director of Bridgestone India set the expectations right with the latest development. 

TURANZA 6i: Premium offering

TURANZA 6i is a derivative of the previously announced expansion in the passenger radial business. The tyre as per Yoshizane San is specifically developed for Indian roads and provides a premium comfort ride experience. Its other USPs include superior fuel efficiency and durable life, making it a well-rounded premium offering from Bridgestone.

Rajarshi Moitra, Chief Commercial Officer at Bridgestone India cited how Bridgestone has been at the forefront of tyre technology, globally. He said that this is now showcased in India through the new offering in the passenger car segment. “In TURANZA 6i, we have focused on enhancing base performance across three broad parameters, long-lasting, better fuel efficiency and better handling for added comfort,” Moitra mentioned. For the comfort segment, Moitra said that the company has created a unique value proposition beyond offering a comfortable experience to offer a quieter ride and higher aesthetic value to the consumer.

He elaborated further on the reinforced filler type and polymer-filler interaction compound enhancing tyre life and leading to higher tyre durability. He attributed the superior fuel efficiency to the high-silica filler ration compound designed to reduce molecular friction. The superior ride results from the advanced cutting-edge tread design technology and the sidewall flaxes known to absorb impact. The low noise is attained from tread block flaws and different block lengths.


TURANZA 6i is claimed to meet both general performance demands and the specific requirements of EVs by way of low noise, better fuel efficiency and superior wear life. Positioned as an EV-ready tyre, Moitra stated, “It is not an EV tyre but EV ready tyre because of its three features high durability, better fuel efficiency and quiet ride.

The tyre is said to have been built on deep customer insights. This is offered to the premium customer segment in India known to prioritise comfort and seek a luxurious ride experience. “These consumers are affluent, willing to pay and own premium vehicles, premium SUVs, sedans, premium hatchbacks and CUVs,” Moitra explained.

ENLITEN technology

With the launch, Bridgestone brings its global proprietary ENLITEN technology to India. “All the premium products from Bridgestone come with globally developed ENLITEN technology. This is a base technology for product design to enable fast and customised products,” highlighted Yoshizane San. “With this technology, we enhance the basic performance such as durable, long-lasting, and safe tyres while also prioritising environmentally friendly features. Our unique value proposition lies in delivering outstanding performance for a high-quality ride experience,” he emphasised.

Rajarshi informed that the technology focuses on ultimate customisation. “In India, where we encounter highly diverse road conditions, our primary goal is to fulfil the main basic parameters. ENLITEN technology enables us to strengthen our capability to deliver core fundamentals while creating a unique value proposition tailored to our specific consumer segments,” he said. 

The new developments reflect the Bridgestone DNA. Turning the clock back in time Yoshizane san revisited the foundation laid in  1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi San, with a focus on a philosophy of contributing to society along with profitability. The company has expanded its footprint globally, with 130 manufacturing plants and R&D facilities across the globe, contributing to its impressive USD 30 billion global turnover. Today, the company operates primarily in two segments:

Tyre production:

Bridgestone specialises in developing, producing, and selling premium tyres, which account for about 64 per cent of its total turnover. These premium tyres are known for their quality, durability, and advanced technology. In addition to premium tyres, Bridgestone also offers solutions tailored for fleet customers and customers in the Truck and Bus (TBR) segments. These solutions address specific needs regarding performance, efficiency, and safety.

Diversified Business:

Bridgestone’s tyre portfolio also includes diversified products, accounting for about seven per cent of its total offerings. The company has also ventured into innovative businesses such as recycling and robotics. The recycling business focuses on sustainable practices, aiming to reduce waste and environmental impact by reusing materials from end-of-life tyres. The robotics business involves the development and use of robotic technology for a variety of applications, including manufacturing processes and automation.

Bridgestone India story

In India, the company initiated its business in 1996 in Indore City. Over the years, it expanded and now operates two manufacturing plants in India; one in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and another one in Pune, Maharashtra. In India, the company offers a range of products including consumer tyres, commercial tyres and off-the-road tyres along with solutions for various segments. Bridgestone recognises India as a pivotal market, characterised by rapid growth, evolving consumer behaviours, and digitalisation. “India is all about growth. Within Bridgestone, the Indian market is the fastest growing market,” stated Yoshizane San. “Sustainability has become a very important factor in the Indian market. At Bridgestone, he concluded that we are committed to creating customer and social value together,” he concluded.

Aftermarket penetration

With a successful journey of over 25 years in India, Bridgestone has secured a leading position in the consumer aftermarket business. “It has a network of over 4000 distribution partners and over 700 Bridgestone select outlets across the country. The company also has great ties with OEMs. In the current year, Bridgestone aims to sell 130 million tyres and actively engages in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in the Indian market.


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