Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), India’s Fortune 500 Maharatna Energy Conglomerate, has introduced a solution for eco-friendly fuel accessibility in Kolkata with the unveiling of its Mobile MAK Adblue Dispenser. Under the leadership of Shri Sukhmal Jain, Director Marketing at BPCL, this innovative dispenser marks a noteworthy achievement in the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

MAK Adblue, a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) known for its pivotal role in curbing nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions from BSVI diesel-powered vehicles, has traditionally been available at Fuel Stations. Following structural enhancements, the Mobile MAK Adblue Dispenser heralds a new era of flexibility, mobility, and zero installation costs. This innovative solution streamlines the Adblue dispensing process, eliminating the necessity for complex structural alterations and greatly enhancing accessibility and usability for consumers.

Sukhmal Jain, Director Marketing, BPCL, emphasized the transformative impact of the Mobile Adblue Dispenser, expressing “The introduction of the Mobile Adblue Dispenser marks a significant milestone in BPCL’s efforts to redefine the refueling experience for consumers. This innovative solution not only enhances accessibility but also reflects our commitment to driving customer-centric initiatives that prioritize convenience and efficiency.”

This battery-powered dispenser features a Weight and Measure certified metering unit, printed bills, and SMS messaging to consumers, ensuring convenience and customization in Adblue dispensing at hubs of the commercial vehicles, like bus stations, transport hubs and parking lot, etc.

The launch event witnessed the presence of senior BPCL officials, including Shri Debashis Naik, Head Retail East, Shri Rouf Khan, Head Gas East, Shri Amarpreet Ahluwalia, Head Lubes East, Shri Anurag Mittal, Head LPG East, were present at the launch, reaffirming BPCL’s dedication to driving sustainable energy solutions across its various business verticals.


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