ASK Automotive Limited, manufacturer of brake shoes and advanced braking systems for two-wheelers, has unveiled plans to venture into a new segment – High Pressure Die Casted Two-Wheeler Alloy Wheels (Licensed Products) for the domestic market.

The company has forged a partnership with LIOHO Machine Works Limited, Taiwan, to seek technical expertise in developing this new product line. The collaboration, set to extend over seven years, aims to meet the evolving demands of both existing and potential customers.

With a commitment to safety and performance, ASK Automotive intends to craft high-quality Alloy Wheels that adhere to global standards. Production is slated to commence in Q4 FY25, targeting Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as direct clientele.

Mr. Kuldip Singh Rathee, Chairman and Managing Director, expressed confidence in ASK’s venture, citing its extensive market insight and legacy in Aluminum Lightweight Precision Solutions. Recent financials depict robust growth, with Q3 FY24 income at Rs. 76,313 lacs (+19.4% YoY) and a notable PAT growth of +71%.



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