Air Liquide held a ceremony to celebrate the completion of two hydrogen filling stations in the cities of Nagoya and Toyota, located in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan. These two hydrogen filling stations are the first public-use hydrogen filling stations for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in the central Nagoya area and in Toyota City, respectively. They will make it possible to fill Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in less than 5 minutes per car, offering an autonomy that can reach up to 500kmdepending on the model.

The new stations were developed in a collaborative joint venture between Air Liquide Japan and Toyota Tsusho Corp., Toyotsu Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy. Air Liquide Japan was in charge of the design and installation of these stations which were designed using Air Liquide group’s expertise acquired from installing more than 60 hydrogen filling stations around the world.

Prior to the ceremony, on January 18th, Air Liquide welcomed Mr. Michel Sapin, French Minister of Finance and Public Accounts at the new Nagoya station. He praised the joint-venture of Air Liquide and Toyota Tsusho as a showcase of innovative partnership and a valuable contribution to the fight against global warming.

Air Liquide is actively involved in the development of the hydrogen energy industry worldwide, already operating hydrogen filling stations for the general public in Europe, including Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Düsseldorf in Germany, and in several cities in Denmark as well as in the United States. Very present in this sector in Japan, the Group has already built three hydrogen stations, inTokyo, Kawasaki and Saga, currently in test phase.


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