Bosch a leading global supplier of technology and services in mobility sensed the hustle for safety system in India and exhibits the same with its researched data on Electronic Stability Program (ESP). The company claims that the ESP will prevent upto 70% of all skidding accidents involving passenger cars on highways and has the potential to save close to 10,000 lives annually. Bosch has stepped into Indian market 5 years now and the business turned out a double digit growth since its foray. In 2014 Bosch achieved a key milestone of manufacturing over 1 million active safety systems in India. This achievement has invigorated Bosch to push the boundaries and to set a new milestone in its safety business in India.

The study released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) pens that an accident takes place every minute and every 4 minutes a death resulting from these accidents is reported. With 16 accidents per hour India’s death toll sky high with the largest contributions of road fatalities across globe. This augurs an alarming need for India as year on year the death toll increases which is evinced with an instance that the accident fatalities recorded a 3% growth in 2013-14 and the same has claimed many lives. One third of the victims are figured out as juvenile who comes in the age bracket of 15-25 years. “This high rate of causality ushered us with the need for advanced safety and driver assistance systems and also it is important that all stake holders across the spectrum of this industry should come forward to offer solutions that would befit the best addressing the rising concern in India,” said Klaus Maeder, Executive Vice President, Chassis Systems Control, Robert Bosch GmbH.

Since its inception globally, ESP has intercepted 190,000 accidents and saved more than 6000 life. In India research states that 12% of accidents happen due to loss of control against 140,000 fatalities and ESP installation could prevent 70% of this estimation. In Europe, research suggests that if ESP is installed in all vehicles, predictive emergency braking systems can prevent up to 72% of all rear-end collisions that result in personal injury.

“Paramount importance to personal safety flags high with customer’s inclination towards the mitigation of risk and injury and technology provider’s path is transparent with clear requirements and Bosch being the hallmark provider of technology tunes its brain further to demonstrate their new innovations which redress the growing concerns of the consumers. Advanced driver assistance systems coupled with accident avoidance technologies, such as Automated Emergency Braking, and Driver Monitoring systems can best address such requirements of the customer,” said Dr Hans-Peter Hübner, Executive Vice President, Chassis Systems Control, Robert Bosch GmbH.

Bosch’s accident research analysis of India specific data now clearly underscores the significant benefits that advanced vehicle safety systems such as Electronic Stability Program can achieve. “We think, ESP which has seen widespread adoption in the developed markets will soon become very relevant for the Indian market,” said Kartikeya Joshi, Senior General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Bosch Chassis Systems India. Acceptance of technologies like ABS and airbags by OEMs and end customers add a feather to the cap.

Bosch’s approach towards Make in India gets shaped with its inclination towards investments and competencies to match market demands. Bosch since its inception started localising its value chain of vehicular safety systems, vehicle application engineering and local software development capabilities. These measures will pave a good way to increase the localisation and the means are in place to expedite the ideas. At least now, Indian market started realising the needs of safety and stopped outweighing money against safety.


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