BPW Trailer Systems introduces the hauling trailer system for 18-wheelers. Prateek Pardeshi correlates the next-generation solution to the revival of the trailer segment.

BPW Trailer Systems India Pvt. Ltd. (BPW) has been making the right noises with its hauling trailer systems for 18-wheelers. The company has leveraged expertise in the trailer systems like the two-axle suspension, and Electronic Braking System (EBS) kit to suspensions and telematics on the other end of the spectrum according to Nagaraj Ubale, Director – Technical, BPW Trailer Systems India Pvt. Ltd. In a testimony to the company’s capability of offering individual components and fully coordinated running gear systems with equal ease, the company has supplied to Hindalco’s Maxloader showcased at the recently concluded Truck, Trailer and Tyres expo in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The latter is known to be an all aluminium truck body made from Hindalco’s extruded profiles. Hindalco is known to have selected the BPW hauling trailer system for its optimum stability and load-bearing capability of 50-tonnes, claimed Ubale.

Pneumatic suspension with lift axle

Designed to meet Indian duty cycles, the pneumatic suspension with lift axle is claimed to be ideal for heavy loads. The SL suspension line is designed for heavy axle loads, off-road, or arduous duty cycle applications. It is claimed to be low-maintenance courtesy of the U-bolt clamping mechanism that sits between the suspension components and the axle. It uses a 100 mm wide spring steel trailing arm basis and can handle axle loads of up to 14-tonnes in both single and twin leaf variants. The square beam axle is made up of 16 mm.

The trailing arm is 100 mm wide equipped with a locking plate. This axle is fitted with an ECO 400k axle with a greasing interval of four lakh kilometres. Heavy-duty airbags and shock absorbers contribute to damping performance.

BPW landing gear

The trailer landing gear refers to retractable ports that maintain the trailer level after the removal of the tractor. While the reinforced shaft helps absorb lateral forces, the continuous screw-on plate is said to offer optimal strength. BPW landing gear also meets AAR requirements and is rated for a lifting capacity of 25-tonnes. It is claimed to sustain a static load of up to 50-tonne. This gear is maintenance-free for up to three years. BPW provides long-term greasing to ensure this.


Ermax lighting system

BPW’s Danish subsidiary company Ermax offers the lighting system fitted on the Maxloader. The TM 10 7-function tail light with ‘Eternal Light’ is sourced from the company. It combines the fog light, license plate, and side marker lights with position, brake, indicator, and reverse lights. There are two variations of this modern tail light: complete LED and a hybrid arrangement. A wide choice of comprehensive cable and lighting systems – both as standard and customised are on offer too. Cable sets are modular and can be fitted with a number of ports and connections to satisfy unique requirements. All Ermax brand solutions feature E-marking and IP protection, with most claimed to have received the ADR approval and design patent.


HBN mudguards

BPW also offers the HBN-Teknik A/S. These mud wings are impact and shock-resistant, as well as resistant to wear, oil, and corrosion. HBN-Teknik A/S is claimed to adhere to the highest quality standards. These anti-spray mudguards have been authorised by the European Commission and are known to be tested by leading truck OEMs.

Localised suspensions

BPW offers the VB suspension, a mechanical suspension without braking load compensation, leaf springs above the axle, and the SL air suspension with a tag of long service life and safety. The mechanical suspension on offer is said to be 100 per cent localised with the pneumatic counterpart localised at 50-60 per cent. There are select parts that the Indian arm sources from the parent company.

Future Strategy

Nagaraj Ubale, Director – Technical, BPW Trailer Systems India Pvt. Ltd

While April 01, 2020, Bharat Stage VI emission norms marked a new era for tractor heads, the trailer segment has its own set of challenges to deal with. Apart from the change in content per trailer to suit the new axle load norms, the recent Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) rules have made it crucial for the industry to comply. Known to be customised, and engineered to client requirements, the standardisation of trailers is on the rise. For example, the rules state that the length (T category) has increased from 18 m to 18.75 m for the ISO 45-ft. containers. In another change, the height was increased from 3.8 m to four metres. Blurring the lines between the EU trailer norms and the Indian draft, BPW India expects the parent company to play an important role. In a direct influence on services introduction, the company looks at the shift to telematics as inevitable. Telematics allows the customer and fleet operators to record granular data such as status, the position of the trailer, eco meter reading etc. It is expected to find takers in the largely unorganised segment in the country. BPW also aims to increase the localisation of its content, per trailer, for a more cost-effective and frugal approach. Southern India is expected to emerge as a key aftersales market for the company, and will be served by the BPW ‘Flying Engineers’ squad, concluded Ubale. ACI


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