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Wabco, a global supplier of technologies and safety systems aims to ameliorate the safety and efficiency of the commercial vehicles by opening a new facility in Chennai that addresses the varied software needs. This facility also delves to capture and hook the upcoming needs in software by expanding its software engineering and shared services capabilities.

Wabco claims that 99% of all the commercial vehicle technology innovations steps out of the Wabco premises. It plans to further leverage its world class talent in India and expand its software engineering capabilities to support the local design of new products and systems for emerging markets. The advanced technologies thus-far marked, contribute to the global development of commercial vehicle segment. India’s eccentric talent pool in technology is invigorating the company to invest in India on technological contemplation. To highlight Wabco has outnumbered the doubling figure of software engineering talent pool in India to nearly 250 and anticipates enlarging its team by an additional 150 engineers over the next five years.

Jacques Esculier, Chairman and CEO, Wabco pronounced that, “Today’s strategic expansion of Wabco’s software engineering and shared services capabilities in India marks yet another milestone for Wabco. We will further leverage Wabco India’s eccentric talent pool and cost efficiency to support and differentiate the development of advanced technologies to help improve the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicles across the globe. By 2020, Wabco is planning to have 400 software engineers across globe with various delegations.”

Speaking about the commercial vehicle segments Esculier averred that, “The European technology is imbibed by the Chinese, Japanese and other auto markets. Antilock Braking System (ABS) along with Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) is considered to be a new technology in the fleet of commercial vehicles. This AMT complements drivers much in a way to have better connect with the road as transmission of gears is automated here.”

Commenting on the cost optimisation Esculier remarked that, “As Indian markets are cost sensitive and workforce is available at an economical rate with a laudable technology strength, Indian engineers will be there in every make.” Asserting on the advantages of ABS and AMT he further added that except for few parts everything is localised for ABS but when it comes to AMT, 30% of procurement is localised. Hitherto ABS is not mandate for all commercial vehicles where only 8% of commercial vehicles are fitted with ABS. ABS claims that the tyres will not be slippery with ABS fitments in the vehicle. Also he put a note that India is ahead in terms of safety juxtaposing China.

AMT fitments in the city buses of Kolkata gongs a phenomenal success and AMT is backward compatible. If need arises traditional manual transmission can also be used. AMT’s most critical components are procured from China and in due course of time localisation will be considered to the fullest. ABS claims that the components increase fuel efficiency by 10%.

Speaking about the export market Kaniappan, Vice President, Wabco noted that, “Export market cumulates to Rs 1300 crore and Mahindra city plant is dedicated to export markets only, which numbers value as Rs 430 crore.. We are very proud and fully committed to further expand our role and contribution to the global success of Wabco.” It is a hypothetical statement now that commercial vehicles in India express its cloud nine with all its vehicles going forward be fitted with ABS and the hypothesis is expected to be the reality soon.


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