Flash Electronics partners two European companies for technical integration with an aim to boost EV revenues by 2025.

Story by: Deven Lad

Sanjeev Vasdev, Managing Director, Flash Electronics

Pune-based Flash Electronics manufactures an estimated 150 products across the spectrum of electrical and electronics, components pertaining to e-mobility besides catering to mechatronics and conventional gears and transmissions. Expecting to generate 10-15 per cent of revenues from EVs by 2025, the company continues to strengthen its technical partnerships with niche companies catering to the business. In line with the strategy, the company recently announced two technical partnerships with EU-based companies. The company is looking at a collaboration with Italy-based Askoll through a Letter of Intent (LoI) signed on January 16, 2020. It has also partnered France-based, efficient energy-storage company Enerstone. On adapting the technology integration and subsequently products manufactured out of the two partnerships for India, averred Sanjeev Vasdev, Managing Director, Flash Electronics, “Every product has to be adaptable to the local condition as you can not expect the same performance from India because Indian climatic and driving conditions are totally different.” “A local design and development which is proven and tested for reliability holds the key,” he explained.

Integrating for EVs with Askoll
As per a LoI signed with Askoll, the latter through a market survey wants to test Indian waters. Averred Gian Franco Nanni, Chief Executive Officer, Askoll, “We believe that being supported by Flash Group will allow us to better understand the local context. It is the first step for both companies to expand in India where there is s strong potential for renewable energy.” “The Indian two-wheeler market is 20X of the European market and shows good potential with the government push for e-mobility,” he opined. The company will assess Indian consumers and auto manufacturer’s interest in Askoll EVA brand products. Claimed to be among market leaders in sustainable mobility, the company develops, manufactures and markets e-bikes and e-scooters. It also caters to kits and components across ​​electric motors and battery components. In a vehicle proto displayed at the Auto Expo Components Show 2020, Sachdev claimed the company to have helped Askoll design the e-motor, e-controller, battery pack, Battery Management SFlash Electronics Partners for Technical Integrationystem (BMS) and the control unit which will be exported to Italy for use. As per the non-binding LoI, post the market survey, Askoll will evaluate the technical partnership with Flash Electronics aimed at localising the production of Askoll EVA branded EV components in India.

Integrating for EVs with Enerstone

In the partnership with France-based Enerstone, the latter will develop advanced BMS modules claimed to have the potential of extending EV battery life by an estimated 30 per cent. Catering to applications where the battery represents a large cost of the equipment and where battery failure, or loss of capacity, adversely impacts the user experience or the equipment that is powered, Enerstone claims to offer quality assurance with its energy-efficient storage systems. Through the Active Battery Balancer, an electronic circuit connected to a rechargeable battery, the company offers battery diagnostics and ensures safe operations. The patented technology works such that the weakest cells of the battery are replaced with the strongest ones during the charge and discharge cycles. MetaCard as its called helps manage battery packs that have been reassembled with cells in different age brackets and or second life cells. Expressed Vasdev, “We are making the next generation of products and this has the potential to change the course of battery management.” Among other claimed benefits are 20 per cent reduction in battery waste, 0.5 per cent reduction in charge energy, 17 per cent lower total cost of ownership, 20 per cent reduced lead-acid for an equivalent performance besides less charge time.

In case of EVs the company manufactures a range of products like the BLDC fan assembly, BLDC Fan motor 12V and 48V, DC-DC Converter in 10A, 18A and 30A. The company also manufactures EDI (private and public charging units), BLDC motor, BLDC Stator apart from manufacturing flash charging boxes. It’s clientele includes companies like Bajaj Auto, Volkswagen, Jawa, KTM, Audi, Eberspacher, BMW, Mahindra, Bosch, Nissan and Yamaha to name a few. ACI


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