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MINI-3-Door-and-5-Door-copyThe new MINI 3-door and the 5-door were recently launched in India at an event held at the Mehboob Studio, Mumbai. Both the models enunciate the character with fun behind the wheel due to its evolutionary refinement, sporty looks as well as premium style. Both the models are available at MINI dealerships across India as CBU (Completely Built Unit) units while the Cooper S 3-door is expected at the dealerships from first quarter of 2015.


The new MINI 5-door is the second body variant and the slightly longer wheelbase gives little more room in the cabin. Scoring high on functionality and aesthetics alike, the interiors of the car are refreshingly functional. All driving related displays such as the speedometer and rev counter are placed behind the steering wheel, enabling easier view. The centre speedometer has been replaced by the all-new central display which shows car information and entertainment. Increased interior space and foldable rear backrest with adjustable tilt angle make for further advancements in the area of functionality.


The TwinPower Turbo engines make the new 3-door and 5-door cars faster and lighter on fuel. The new MINI Cooper S 3-door comes with 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo petrol engine delivering 280 Nm torque. Developed from scratch for the new car it spews out 141 kW / 189 hp of go-kart fun. It only needs 6.7 seconds to hit 100 kmph and can reach a top speed of 233 kmph.

The new MINI Cooper D 3-door and the new MINI Cooper D 5-door are powered by 1.5 litre 3-cylinder TwinPower Turbo diesel engine delivering 270 Nm of torque, delivering a power output of 85 kW / 114 hp. It has a top speed of 200 kmph and shoots from 0 to 100 kmph in 9.2 seconds.

The standard six-speed automatic transmission offers improved efficiency, enhanced shift comfort and increased shift dynamics. The automatic transmission is combined with the automatic engine start/stop function to prevent unnecessary fuel consumption caused by idling at junctions or in congested traffic.

With the driving modes the car’s driving characteristics, interior lighting and engine sound can be changed matching the drivers’ mood. While the ‘Green’ mode is to save fuel the ‘Sport’ mode allows to push the speed limit and agility. However, the users can have the best of both worlds by choosing the ‘Mid’ mode and the vehicle will be on its best balanced behaviour.

When compared with the 3-door Mini, the 5-door has little more leg and headroom in the front. The overall length has been increased by 160mm and therefore, it resulted in about 70mm extra legroom for the rear passengers – perhaps sufficient to let grown-ups sit there without feeling cramped. The remaining length augments the boot space, which has been increased to 278 litres now. The smaller rear door restricts the opening, unlike the front door and therefore, ingress and egress are comparatively not easy. In addition, the car is provided with a third rear seatbelt, officially making it a 5-seater passenger vehicle. However, the one sitting in the middle seat has to manage the high lateral lump in the floor.


The central display is the window to the outside world. The latest version has a much simpler design, while retaining most of the appealing pattern of features. A pulsating hub of infotainment, it is also optionally available in the 6.5 inch display or the whopping 8.8 inch widescreen version. The Driving Excitement feature is the easiest way to really amp up the fun while taking the car for a spin. The Excitement Analyser, for instance, assesses how safely drivers can accelerate and steer the car, and how well planned their gear changes and braking can be.

The Minimalism Analyser records driving data that will personally help drivers environmentally streamline their driving style in a way that’s as much fun to use.


The new MINI is stacked with top notch safety technologies such as front and passenger airbags, dynamic stability control, crash sensor, ABS and Run-flat indicator. MINI Adaptive LED Headlight Distribution, part of the optional LED headlight with cornering function, makes night-time driving effortless, efficient and safe. A camera in the front bumper scans the night for other road users. When it detects the headlights of oncoming traffic or the rear lights of cars travelling in front, the high-beams are automatically switched off. As soon as no one is around to be blinded by the headlights, the high-beam lights pop back on. The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) recognises the risk of skidding before it occurs and stabilises the car in milliseconds. The Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) mode allows increased wheel slip to enable more dynamic driving.

Crash Sensor immediately recognises when an accident has occurred and helps the vehicle’s occupants to get out of the cabin as swiftly as possible. The crash sensor overrides the central locking system, unlocking all the doors and allowing the driver and occupants to leave the vehicle speedily or receive assistance from outside faster. At the same time, the crash sensor also switches on the cabin lights and activates the hazard warning lights to alert other drivers of the situation. The battery is deactivated to avoid a short circuit.

Super-high-strength multi-phase steels help reduce weight to a minimum while increasing strength to a maximum, keeping the occupant safe in the event of an accident.

Philipp-von-Sahr,-President,-BMW-Group-India,-with-MINI-5-Door-copyAccording to Philipp von Sahr, President, BMW Group India, MINI is an inspiration for trend-setters and creative spirits the world over. “And with the latest generation of MINI, we want to amplify the excitement once again. To ensure the new generation of MINI is as successful as its predecessors, we have made just subtle modifications to its design. But beneath the outer skin is a brand-new car with an absolutely revamped interior stacked with state-of-the-art technologies seen for the first time in a small car.”

Reinventing an icon like the MINI was an exciting task, he says, adding that the challenge was to create a vehicle that exceeds the demands of modern, twenty-first century motoring while staying true to the original design philosophy that has laid the foundations for over 50 years of success.

In 2012, the BMW Group introduced MINI as a premium brand in India. Presently, the model range in India includes the 3-door, 5-door, Convertible and the Countryman that are sold through four exclusive outlets – in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.


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