The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM Ahmedabad) served as the host and knowledge partner for the Mahindra Mpower movement once again, igniting the corridors of the prestigious institute with the presence of bright young transporters eager to propel their family businesses into the realm of professionalism. This platform, hailed as a catalyst for youth engagement in the transportation industry, not only offers an opportunity to inherit and advance family enterprises but also aims to revolutionize how young entrepreneurs perceive and manage their businesses.

Jalaj Gupta, CV Business Head at Mahindra Truck And Bus Division, emphasized the pivotal role of the forum in transforming the mindset of young minds towards their businesses. By collaboratively creating content and leveraging the expertise of IIM Ahmedabad as a knowledge partner, the movement seeks to elevate the standards of the trucking industry.

The MPower Program, rooted in its core principles, unfolded over four enriching days from December 10-14, 2023. It provided participants from diverse backgrounds with a comprehensive journey, incorporating case-based learning, syndicate discussions, management games, and exercises aimed at fostering reflection, experience sharing, and integration. The overarching goal is to stimulate profound cognitive shifts among participants through meticulously crafted workshops, aiming for a transformative “brain awakening.”

Complementing the program’s educational facets, industry experts actively engage with participants, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and insights. Since its inception, the MPower Program has reached out to 560 transporters, averaging 31 years in age, with a collective workforce of over 99,195 individuals employed in a variety of load segments, collectively contributing to a staggering Rs. 40,000 crore industry.

The MPower War Room, a platform to evaluate tangible learnings, sees participants engaging in intense battles by presenting case studies to a discerning jury. Through five successful batches, 106 candidates showcased their expertise, resulting in 18 notable winners. Moreover, the program extends its impact to industry veterans, with 90 mentors facilitating the process.

Noteworthy initiatives such as the publication of the first-ever academic book on the transport industry and breakthroughs in transport business management underscore the tangible outcomes of the MPower program. By empowering transporters to fast-track their businesses, MPower has emerged as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the transportation sector.


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