Continental offered an affordable solution to enable fleets to manage their tyres digitally. The valve cap sensor was part of the company’s ‘Lowest Overall Driving Costs’ (LODC) concept. The sensor could be screwed directly onto the tyre valve of buses, trucks, or trailers and measured the tyre pressure in real-time. It was compatible with commercial vehicle tyres from all major brands and could be connected to ContiConnect receiver units via plug-and-play. Any deviations from the target conditions were recorded and sent to the user via the tyre management platform. A QR code on the valve cap sensor allowed easy identification of the sensor’s location, which could be done with the ContiConnect On-Site app on a mobile device. The data could be transmitted in two ways: through a yard reader station or a telematics unit in real-time. The yard reader station was installed at busy points in the fleet, such as car washes, refuelling stations, or other checkpoints. It read the data from the tyre sensors as the vehicles drove past and sent it to the Continental IoT platform. The telematics unit, on the other hand, required a receiver unit to be installed in the tractor unit or trailer and transmitted the data directly to the Continental IoT platform. All data collected and transmitted was displayed in the ContiConnect On-Site app, which could be accessed via a desktop or mobile device. If a pressure loss was detected, the system sent notifications to users via text message, email, or the app. The app could also be used to document tread depth measurements or tyre damage recorded during vehicle inspections.


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