Leoni Cable Inc., a North American branch of Leoni Group, Europe’s leading provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, has been awarded Green Supplier of the Year by Yazaki. The company was chosen in the “bulk and raw material commodity” category from Yazaki’s top 175 suppliers in North and Central America in recognition of its environmental and social activities.

“Yazaki places a very high value on our suppliers and their shared commitment to the environment,” said Ken Pichla, Vice President Strategic Purchasing, on the occasion of the awards ceremony. “Together we can affect significant change for a greener tomorrow.” Bill Livengood, President of Leoni Cable Inc. commented. “We are honored to be recognized for our environmental initiatives and results. Our company takes its social responsibility seriously and works to carefully balance economic, ecological and social requirements.” he assured.

Leoni Cable Inc. was selected, in part, due to its commitment towards continuous improvement in environmental initiatives throughout the company. It has reduced its annual water usage by 4 million gallons (15 million liters) by introducing various water management techniques to avoid process waste. Leoni Cable Inc. has also eliminated over 30,000 tons of potential landfill material per year by introducing returnable packaging and increased internal recycling.
Moreover, steps are being taken to generate the majority of the company’s electricity needs through the establishment of a solar farm for electrical generation for the manufacturing facility in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico. Underlying these actions, Leoni also strongly engages the community to bring awareness to the importance of environmental topics to workers and the population at large. The company has created educational programs at local schools and is bringing school age children to the factory to see how industry and the environment can work together and to invigorate them by showing the ways how togetherness impact the environment.


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