Dana India exemplifies a distinguished approach towards pursuing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly within the automotive sector. Under the leadership of Gajanan Gandhe, the Country Head and Vice President, Dana India has charted a clear roadmap towards sustainability, focusing notably on sustainable technology and emissions control. The company has invested significantly, totaling over half a billion dollars in the past few years, through acquisitions, direct investments, and organic growth initiatives.

A core aspect of Dana’s strategy revolves around electrification, with the establishment of a facility in Pune dedicated to manufacturing high-voltage motors and controllers. This facility plays a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions globally. Additionally, Dana serves as a total solution provider, undertaking the design and integration of drive lines, battery management systems, and critical cooling systems for various customers, including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Moreover, Dana has ventured into the realm of hydrogen fuel cells, supplying essential components such as bipolar plates. The company’s involvement spans multiple products, including thermal management solutions aimed at preventing thermal runaway, a critical concern in battery thermal management.

In terms of emissions management, Dana boasts a comprehensive portfolio of thermal management products, many of which have been launched into the market. Notably, the company is engaged in the manufacturing and supply of power modules for Vehicle Control Units (VCUs), enhancing its role as a key player in emission reduction efforts.

With its focus on innovation, sustainability, and emission control, Dana India is poised to rank among the top tier suppliers in emission management activities. Through its holistic approach and commitment to technological advancement, Dana continues to lead the way in driving sustainable solutions within the automotive industry.


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