Schaeffler commences volume production of its electro-mechanical active roll control recently. This innovative system replaces the previous standard hydraulic stabilisers that minimise the rolling motion of the vehicle body when going around curves or during quick evasive maneuvers. This technology also makes it possible to effectively prevent any yawing of the vehicle. The design, now introduced by Schaeffler as an electromechanical system, helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions and make vehicle assembly more straightforward. Other additional functions can be realised as well. This pioneering technology is also made possible thanks to the sophisticated control solutions from Continental, the specialist responsible for the ECU (electronic control unit), the engine control system, and the software platform.

According to Prof. Peter Gutzmer, Chief Technology Officer and Member of the Executive Board at Schaeffler, “With the world’s first electromechanical active roll control, Schaeffler is expanding its range of electromechanical actuators, which make significant contributions with respect to performance capacity and efficiency for cars.”

“With our electronic control system, we are helping to defuse the classic conflict of objectives between comfort and handling when designing the chassis. The rolling motion of the vehicle when going around curves is reduced, which at the same time increases driving safety, driving dynamics, and driving comfort,” adds Felix Bietenbeck, Manager of the Vehicle Dynamics Business Unit at Continental Divi-sion Chassis & Safety.

To launch volume production for the new system, Schaeffler has built completely new production facilities at its Schweinfurt location, purposefully using the production-related expertise of the Group. The individual systems have a modular design, making it possible to integrate other volume production launches in the years to come.


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