In an upfront conversation, Vinodh Kumar, Assistant General Manager – Operations at Rane Brake Lining Ltd. speaks to Ashish Bhatia. The company bagged a QCT excellence award at the ACMA Annual Summit 2022 and subsequently, the Group bagged the Deming Prize.

Q. What is your take on the upbeat sentiment of the auto components suppliers that work behind the scenes?

A. After two to three years it’s good to see the supplier community coming into their own. Looking at the roadmap for the next five years and the growth potential, the upbeat sentiment is justified. E-mobility is one of the key focus areas for the supplier community. The Group management is watching the developments closely to turn the adversities into opportunities.

Q. How is the Group balancing its core revenue streams with its non-core revenue streams? Is it difficult to stay true to the DNA with the fast paced shifts?

A. Yes, its a dilemma for the entire industry and a juggling act that has to be done. We are investing in our core strengths and developing new capabilities at the same time. At Rane, the focus though is strongly on leveraging the core strengths to fuel our growth plans.

“Make in India is a major priority for us at Rane. We have focused a great deal on best manufacturing practices across our divisions and shopfloors.”

Q. What did it take for Rane Brake Lining to optimise its QCT-based operations and emerge a winner? Has supply chain transformation accelerated in a post-pandemic era?

A. Make in India is a major priority for us at Rane. We have focused a great deal on best manufacturing practices across our divisions and shopfloors. The major project undertaken by us is on enhancing efficiencies by a margin of 20 per cent which in turn enabled us to get the topmost recognition. The transformation has been at an accelerated pace in a post-pandemic era. The efficiencies across the value chain include using sustainable power and high localisation content where the cost of production is reduced. Automation has enhanced overall productivity too.

Q. What is the road map for the foreseeable future?

A. The industry despite its set of challenges is moving in the right direction. The industry as a whole is undertaking multiple projects to iron out the creases in the value chain and that continues to be a priority for us too. We are confident that we will be able to leverage our strengths and grow at an exciting pace. ACI

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