As newer technologies and alternative fuel vehicles reshape India’s automotive sector, the expectations from human resources in auto component manufacturing are evolving. While larger companies find it easier to provide training, the challenge lies in selecting candidates with the right skillset. Particularly, there is a scarcity of product designers, as many prefer opportunities with European or US firms.

Nandakumar P, Director of OMG Auto Mould Pvt Ltd, explains that while they have a robust in-house training system for technical roles, they struggle to find product design engineers due to the booming Indian market and the allure of foreign opportunities. This trend poses challenges for domestic players, as talented professionals opt for higher-paying positions abroad.

OMG Auto Moulds, a part of the OM Galaxy Group, specializes in designing and manufacturing moulds for the automotive and white goods industries. With a competent team and infrastructure, they serve the industry with small to large injection moulds and ensure systematic project management. Their clientele includes renowned tier 1s and OEMs like Piaggio, Supreme, Sundaram Auto, Godrej, Eicher, TACO, and Ashok Leyland.

While established companies like OMG Auto invest in infrastructure and training, the struggle is different for Micro and Small-Scale Enterprises (MSMEs). Limited resources hinder their ability to attract and retain skilled talent, exacerbating the industry’s talent shortage.

Despite these challenges, the automotive component manufacturing sector remains critical for India’s economy, driving innovation and contributing to the country’s industrial growth. Addressing the talent gap through targeted training programs and collaborations with educational institutions is essential to sustain the sector’s competitiveness and meet the evolving demands of the global automotive market.


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