JK Tyre has advanced technology with a focus on enhancing durability and mileage for premium OTRs, writes Ashish Bhatia.

JK Tyre has made significant strides in advancing its product portfolio. This is attributed to a strong focus on technology and enhancing the durability of premium Off-The-Road (OTR) tyres. In terms of product portfolio, there was a lot launched in 2023,” acknowledges Kartik Mahesh Shah, Vice President – Design and Development of Raghupati Singhania Centre of Excellence Global Research and Technology Centre of JK Tyre. “ JK Tyre made promises and lived up to claims of both advancing technology to meet the evolving customer demands of enhanced durability and mileage for the premium OTR range, he emphasised.

Meeting evolving customer demands customer requirements and environmental concerns keep us on our toes,” explains Ujjwal K Jayswal, Dy. Manager – Marketing (OTR) of JK Tyre. For example, the construction equipment and mining sectors are growing, demanding tyres tailored to specific segments like dumpers, reach stackers, and wheel loaders, he explained. As pioneers in the industry, the company’s journey can be traced back to 1976 however, the foray into OTR business began in 2003. The company is known to have laid out specific plans in 2009-2010 to address evolving market needs, including the emergence of Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Customer evolution

The customers are now well-educated and demand more. They seek better mileage, and digitisation, and focus on Return On Investment (RoI). “Our challenge lies in meeting their expectations while ensuring cost-effectiveness and warranty compliance,” Jayswal stated.

Tyre durability and wear reduction 

The company has invested significantly in R&D to ensure its tyres are durable and have extended tread life as per Shah. “Our R&D centre, with over 250 engineers and scientists, focuses on understanding segment-specific requirements and developing products to meet them,” he informed.

Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability is a top priority for JK Tyre. The company is committed to using sustainable materials in its products, with some already in advanced stages of development. Additionally, the company is said to comply with government regulations, focusing on reducing rolling resistance and noise levels.

Balancing efficiency and cost

While we focus on sustainability, we also aim to balance efficiency with cost-effectiveness, explains a manufacturing executive. Investments in green manufacturing and renewable energy sources are known to help mitigate the environmental impact without significantly raising costs for consumers.

Retreading business

The retreading business at JK Tyre is also growing. The company offers a range of products, including retread materials, Fleet Management Services (FMS), and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) solutions, ensuring comprehensive support for its customers.

Addressing EV challenges

The rise of electric vehicles presents new challenges,” admits Shah. The company is collaborating with OEMs to develop tyres tailored to EV requirements, focusing on factors like instant torque, traction, and lower rolling resistance to enhance vehicle range.

Global market penetration

With its tyre range claimed to have gained recognition globally, JK Tyres is known to export to over 120 countries, including the US and Europe, where its tyres meet stringent standards and are preferred by customers.

Future focus

As we look ahead to the future, sustainability remains a key focus area,” asserted Shah. “We continue to invest in R&D to develop tyres that meet evolving market demands, including regulations on labelling, noise levels, wet grip, and rolling resistance. It also reflects the tyre industry’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. By addressing evolving market needs, embracing sustainability initiatives, and leveraging technological advancements, JK Tyre is poised to drive progress in the automotive sector.



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